Are you searching for the best websites to sell books in the US?

Or are you looking for textbook buyback stores near your area?

Then, you’ve come to the right place!

The following websites and bookstores are the greatest options if you’re looking for the best buyback deals, fast payment, and good customer service!

No matter the site you choose, you’ll get many potential buyback vendors and great deals!

With that said, let’s begin.

10 Best Websites To Sell Books and Textbooks Online

Start with the sites below if you don’t know where to sell books. They offer good deals, and the places can be ideal for your bookselling business.

1. BookDeal to Sell Textbooks Quickly has quickly become the best website to sell textbooks, and we have been doing this for over 5 years. 

We understand that selling textbooks can be challenging. And that’s why we made our platform easy for you to sell your textbooks.  

Here’s how the selling process works: 

enter ISBN to start selling your books
  • Choose your preferred quote 
choose your preferred quote
  • You’ll find different options in the sections that follow.
sell used textbooks online
  • Go through the Deal Summary, which only takes a few minutes of your time. Then, ship your textbooks for free. 
sell college textbooks

When the vendor receives your package, you get paid through Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.

BookDeal has a guarantee policy that ensures you always get paid the amount you quoted. So you have nothing to worry about. 

Watch our quick tutorial guide on how to sell your textbooks on BookDeal.

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Don’t be misled by the name. also buys other books, so don’t disregard them if you want to sell paperbacks. 

The bookselling website also sells used textbooks directly to college students. 

If you purchase a book and sell it back at at the end of the semester, you get half of what you paid. 

However, the books must be in good condition to get this benefit. 

Unlike other bookselling sites, your textbooks don’t have to be in perfect condition. 

That means you can have notes in the book, and highlighted pages are fine. 

However, your textbooks can be rejected if they have broken spines, water damage, and similar problems. 

So if you want the best website to sell books, consider

3. Powell’s Books 

Powell’s Books claims to be the world’s biggest independent bookstore due to its over two million books. 

Even though they have a physical location in Portland, Oregon, you can still sell your college books online with a five-store chain. 

However, take note that the buyers at Powell Books are particular. So you have to up your game to maintain your books. 

Don’t send the company advance reader copies, previous library books, hardcovers with no dust jackets, and books with broken bindings, tears, or highlights. 

Powell’s Books have a visual guide showing why they would reject a book. 

If your textbooks are not accepted, they donate or recycle them. 

However, if they accept your book, you’ll get a better price, provided you go for the store credit. 

Either way, they’ll pay you through PayPal.

4. Chegg


Chegg is another good place to sell your books online. How to write a research paper

If you enter your book’s ISBN, the site gives you immediate access to various offers for your textbooks. 

After choosing your preferred quote, you can ship your textbooks to Chegg for free.

You have the option to print the free shipping label from their website. Afterward, you can send your books to your local UPS store.

The company will pay you when they get your package as soon as possible.

Usually, you get paid within 10 to 15 days with all the processing and shipping.


When it comes to popularity, isn’t like eBay or Amazon. 

But they have been in the bookselling market for over ten years. 

They have gained more popularity among college students.  

Abebooks have millions of book titles and have certain similarities with Amazon. 

In addition, the company gives you the option to sell your books to booksellers and other collectors. 

However, you need to understand your purchasing audience if you decide to sell used books

Furthermore, you need to know your audience’s shop time for a good sale. 

Without adequate planning, it can be challenging to make good sales. 

Regardless, it’s the best website to sell books.

6. Sell Textbooks on Amazon


Even though Amazon closed its trade-in program, you can still sell used books on their platform. Here’s how to sell textbooks on Amazon.

Amazon allows you to sell different books, from new and used textbooks to rare or collectible ones. And you can also sell in different formats like paperbacks, hardcovers, or ebooks. 

If you want to make successful sales on Amazon, follow the below steps: 

a. Create An Amazon Seller Account 

create an amazon seller account

Amazon gives you two options to create a seller account: Individual and professional. Choosing any of these options will depend on whether: 

  • You want to sell less or more than 40 items each month, or 
  • You prefer a monthly fee

The individual seller plan doesn’t come with a monthly fee. But you pay $0.99 for every sale you make. So it’s an ideal plan if you’re just starting to sell textbooks. 

But if you’re confident you can sell more than 40 items monthly, you can choose the professional plan for $39.99. 

b. Choose Your Order Fulfillment Plan 

Amazon offers two ways to fulfill your orders: Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). If you want to handle the fulfillment process (inventory, packing, and shipping,) consider the MFN. 

The MFN gives room to customize your packaging, and it’s cheaper than the FBA. But it can be time-consuming to handle the logistics of fulfilling orders. 

If you don’t have that time, you can use the FBA, and Amazon will take care of everything for you. You even get Prime shipping, and it’s ideal if you don’t have enough space for inventory. But the charges can be expensive. 

So find out what option works for you before proceeding. 

c. List Your Textbooks On Amazon

Follow the below steps to list your textbooks on Amazon: 

  • Enter the textbook’s ISBNs into Amazon’s search bar. (You’ll have to ISBN manually if it was published before 1970.) 
  • Click on the “Sell on Amazon” button on the product listing page. Then, generate your SKU or leave it blank, and Amazon will automatically generate one. 
  • Choose your price and enter the total quantity. 
  • Select the book’s condition. (Be honest with the textbook’s quality) 
  • Pick a fulfillment method (MFN or FBA).

d. Ship Your Textbooks 

How you fulfill your orders (FBA or MFN) will determine how you ship your textbooks. 

Here’s how the process works for the FBA method: 

  • Use your Amazon Seller Central account to create your shipment. To send or restock merchandise to Amazon, see the detailed procedure.
  • Pack your textbooks to have them delivered to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. You can check the packaging and preparation requirements for more details. 
  • After checking the shipment label requirements, label the packages before sending them. 

Using the MFN Method: 

  • Use your seller account to manage your orders 
  • Package the books properly and securely 
  • Print off and get ready your packing slip. Amazon will create a product and shipping label in PDF format.
  • Use the carrier you want to send your package. But you can use Amazon’s shipping to send to a fulfillment center at a discounted price. 

You can use Amazon’s Buy Shipping services if you’re fulfilling the orders yourself. This service offers automatic confirmation. And you can label, ship your books, and confirm and track your orders in one place.

7. eBay

eBay is the best platform if you want to sell rare or collective books. 

You can list your textbooks for free. 

However, only the first 50 listings are free; you must pay for any books afterward. 

Take note that you will be charged when you make sales, but the fee is small compared to your profit.

8. Cash4Books 

Cash4Books isn’t the same as the previously listed website. 

Instead of developing a marketplace for potential customers to find your secondhand books, they will purchase them straight from you.

They don’t, however, purchase any book. Instead, they must meet specific requirements.

Put the book’s ISBN in the search box and enter to see if it fulfills their criteria. 

The book is then offered to you for purchase. 

They’ll send you a prepaid mailing label to ship the textbooks to them if you like the offer and want to sell them for their pricing.

They’ll evaluate the book after it arrives, and if it’s approved, they’ll send you payment by check or PayPal, depending on your request.


best website to sell books

Consider Sell Back Your Book if you don’t know where to sell books. It’s quite similar to Cash4Books. 

Sell Back Your Book has a set of criteria for purchasing books. They don’t buy the following kinds of books:

  • Encyclopedia Sets
  • Offensive and explicit material
  • Review Copies
  • Advanced Readers Copies
  • Books with no ISBN 
  • Incomplete volumes like having volume one of a two-book. 

They also purchase textbooks, save for the following:

  • Teacher Editions 
  • Instructors Editions 
  • Annotated Instructor Editions 

Sell Back Your Book also has the Bulk ISBN option. 


If you have many textbooks to sell, entering one ISBN, pressing enter, getting a price, and then repeating the process for each book can be laborious.

You can enter as many ISBNs as you want and obtain a quick quote for each of them using the bulk ISBN option.

They also have apps that simplify selling your books for the best price. For example, you can scan ISBNs instead of typing them in. 

This will accelerate the selling process, making it an ideal place to sell books online.

10. BooksRun 

BooksRun allows you to sell your textbooks straight to them or receive alternative offers. When you key in your book’s ISBN, it’ll be added to your sell basket or shown other offers.

You have five days after selecting your buyer and checking out to ship your books using the shipping label you received through email.

It takes BooksRun 2-5 days to assess your order after they receive it.

After the books have been appraised, you will receive the money within four business days.

After that, you can pay with a PayPal deposit or a postal check.

NEW INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Tips for Selling Textbooks Online


The pros of selling textbooks online

There are a few advantages of selling your textbooks, and the primary one is the convenience. 

Get instant quotes

Whether you sell through BookDeal, Bookscouter or any other platform, you can get instant quotes for your books within mere seconds.

All you have to do is enter the ISBN into the search bar, and that’s it!

Choose from multiple vendors

Another benefit is that you will get prices from not one, but multiple vendors. This gives you a lot of options to choose from. 

So, instead of walking around the city, and trying to figure out who will pay the most for your books, you can just select one of the online vendors who offers the highest price for your textbooks.

Get higher prices for your used books

Since traditional brick and mortar bookstores have a lot more expenses such as rent, traditional bookstores can offer a lot more bucks for your books. 

The same is true for buying books as well.

Ship your books for free

Textbook buyback websites usually offer free shipping once you have reached the minimum buyback price. 

Once you accept one of the offers, whether you’re selling one book, or multiple, you can print the free USPS shipping label, and ship textbooks at absolutely zero cost.

Then all you have to do is to pack your books properly and ship!

The cons of selling textbooks online

Although the advantages of selling books online outweighs the disadvantages, there are still a couple of things to consider.

Shipping and processing takes time

It can take up to a week, and in some cases more for your books to arrive at the vendors’ doors. 

Once they do arrive, it will take a couple days more to get the books processed, check their conditions and issue your payment.

Initial quotes may vary in rare cases

Let’s say you’re selling your textbook ‘’Principles of Floral Design’’ and decide that the book is in a ‘’Good’’ condition and choose the appropriate price which is $32.27:

condition guidelines of selling textbooks

However, when your book arrives at a vendor, they check that your book apparently has a few missing pages, and some highlighting marks.

Yikes! Maybe you didn’t take a look at the condition guidelines.

But that’s okay… The vendor will check your book thoroughly and assign the correct condition and the price. They will also let you know about it.

If you want to avoid disputes over book’s condition, it’s recommended that you take the pictures of your books in advance and upload it to the website.

BookDeal has such a feature:

upload book photos when selling books

Where to Sell Books in New York

Strand BookStore is one of the best places to sell used books in New York. They are also one of the best book buyers in NYC.

All you need to do is show up with your books at the shop.

An employee will take and give them to people who will analyze the book’s condition, how much it is worth, the demand for the book and give you a final quote.

Strand Books Address: 828 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

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Where to Sell Textbooks in Los Angeles, California

Angel City Books is one of the best textbook buyback stores in Los Angeles.

You can drop your textbooks in the store 7 days a week, from 11:30am to 5pm.

Angel City Books Address: 218 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Where to Sell Used Books in Los Angeles

Where to Sell College Textbooks in Houston, Texas

Kaboom Books is your best bet, if you’re looking for another option alongside Half-price Books. 

It’s a very friendly place judging from its Instagram account, and they buy and sell a lot of second hand books. 

Kaboom Books Address: 3116 Houston Av., Houston, TX 77009

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Where to Sell Books in Houston

Where to Sell Back Textbooks Across USA

Half Price Books is your #1 option as it has book stores across the US, and chances are they might be near your area too. Their shops are located in 15+ states including 

  • California
  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

Check out this link for the exact addresses.

All you have to do is to take your books to their store so they evaluate your books’ conditions, market value and give you a quote. 

The upside of this option is that you won’t have to wait several days for the books to get shipped and your payment to get processed.

Check out other textbook buyback location across USA:

Sell Textbooks in Boston

Sell Textbooks in Charlotte

Sell Textbooks in Chicago

Sell Textbooks in Denver

Sell Textbooks in Indianapolis

Sell Textbooks in Jacksonville

Sell Textbooks in Las Vegas

Sell Textbooks in Nashville

Sell Textbooks in New Orleans

Sell Textbooks in Oklahoma

Sell Textbooks in Philadelphia

Sell Textbooks in San Diego

Sell Textbooks in San Francisco

Sell Textbooks in Tampa

Sell Textbooks in Tulsa

Final Thoughts On Best Websites To Sell Books 

You can find numerous sites if you’re looking for the best website to sell books. 

However, not everyone will give you the profit you need, and some will not be willing to buy your books. 

Fortunately, the list discussed in this guide helps you know how to sell books online, giving you a good head start. 

But before you proceed, make sure to read the terms and conditions. 

Reading the terms and conditions will give you the information to make your bookselling successful. 

If you want the best website to sell books, we recommend 

Visit to sell your textbooks, enter your ISBN, secure your books, send it to us for free, and get paid!


Is selling books online profitable?

Yes. You can make a decent income from selling books online. But, of course, you probably shouldn’t count on it to fund your retirement. Paperback books in good condition often fetch a few dollars. But rare editions and hardback can earn you much more. 

What is an acceptable condition for books?

The acceptable book condition largely depends on where you sell your books. But generally, the books shouldn’t have water damage, and all the pages must be included. Also, the books shouldn’t have any odors like mold or cigarette smell. For BookDeal, highlighting and notes should be less than 10 pages. 

What is the best place to sell used books?

The best place to sell used books is BookDeal. You can sell your textbooks in a few minutes, and the selling process is straightforward. Just enter your ISBN, select your preferred quote, complete the deal summary, and ship the books for free. We have a guarantee policy to secure your payment. 

What is the most effective way to sell a book?

The best way to sell your books is through bookselling sites like BookDeal or Amazon. Using these platforms saves you time, money, and energy. For example, you don’t have to pay for shipping when you sell on BookDeal. However, that’s not how all bookselling sites are. So you’ll have to do your research before selling your books. 

Does Amazon buy second-hand books?

Yes. You can sell your second-hand books at Amazon using any of their fulfilling orders (FBA or MFN). And depending on how many used books you want to sell in a month, you may have to choose an individual or professional selling plan. 

How much do Amazon booksellers make?

The average monthly sales for an Amazon seller is over $1,000, with some super-sellers bringing in over $100,000. Fifty percent of Amazon sellers make between $1,000 and $25,000 per month, which translates to between $12,000 and $300,000 in annual revenue.

How do I sell used college textbooks?

There are several ways to sell used college textbooks. You can sell them online, at bookstores, or directly to college students. But some methods can generate more revenue for you. So you’ll have to do your research to find the best option. Check out this guide for more details: How to Sell College Books In 2022

Does Chegg buy used textbooks?

Yes. Chegg’s “sell textbooks” page buys back and sells used textbooks online. The method of selling textbooks through Chegg is simple. Simply type your ISBN into the search bar to get a quote and sell your books if you’re happy with them.

Is BookByte reliable to sell to?

BookByte is a legit bookselling site to sell your textbooks online. It claims to be one of the oldest online resellers of pre-owned textbooks. You can buy or rent the pre-owned textbooks you’ll need and sell the used books you no longer require.

How much do college books sell for?

As of the 2021-2022 academic year, the average cost of books and supplies for college students was between $628 and $1,471. Hard copy textbooks often cost between $80 to $150, with some selling for as much as $400. On average, a textbook’s price goes up by 12% when a new edition is released.

How do I find the ISBN of a book?

The ISBN is usually found next to the barcode on the back of a book. If you can’t find the ISBN there, check the page with the publisher and copyright information. 

Can I sell my book without ISBN? (not on BD)

Yes. You can sell textbooks on sites like Bookscouter and Amazon without an ISBN. But remember that you’ll require an exemption when selling on Amazon. BooksDeal doesn’t accept textbooks without ISBN.

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