Welcome to BookDeal! We are so excited to help you sell your books and we've made it super easy for you to do so by putting everything you need in one place. If you'd like information on how to sell your books, click How to Use BookDeal

How are my books priced?
Pricing is based on the book’s future value, its popularity, use in the next semesters’ curriculum, the current demand, and the number of copies of the book the book-buyer currently has in stock.

How long is the price quote good for?
If you shipped the package within 5 business days after placing your order, the price quote will be valid. If you ship your books after 5 business days, you may not be able to receive the full amount from your original quote.

An ISBN is a 10-digit or 13-digit number code that helps to identify the specific book, author(s), and edition. You can find the ISBN on the back cover of the book immediately above or near the barcode and/or on the copyright page. For Loose-leaf books only use the ISBN located on the barcode on the front or back book cover. Warning! If there is a sticker over the back cover of the book, use the printed ISBN on the copyright page.

What is the copyright page?
The copyright page is the page following the title page which includes information about the copyright date, author(s), and publisher.

What if there is more than one ISBN?
Make sure to select the ISBN that most accurately describes your book. For example, for a hardcover book, select the ISBN that says [hardcover] in brackets, or if it’s a paperback book, select the ISBN that says “pbk.” or “paperback”. Use the “package” ISBN if your book includes all the original, supplemental materials such as unused access codes, CDs, or DVDs. Warning! If there is a sticker over the back cover of the book, use the printed ISBN on the copyright page.

Can I look up multiple ISBNs at one time?
Yes, click “Bulk Enter ISBN” under the search bar. You can enter up to 100 ISBN’s, one ISBN per line.

Each book-buyer has their own minimum requirement. For more information regarding minimum requirement click BookDeal Minimum Deal Requirement

How do I pack my books?
Packaging your books correctly is critical to receiving the price you were offered. Please read the Packing Guidelines to make sure that your books arrive at the book-buyer’s facility in the condition you sent them.

What if I included books that are not on the packaging slip?
Please contact Customer Service.

What if I didn’t include some books on the packaging slip?
Don’t worry about it! Once your package(s) arrives at the book-buyer’s facilities, they will analyze the contents and issue payment for the books they have received.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Shipping is FREE with our prepaid shipping label. However, if you choose not to use our label and/or use a different carrier, you are responsible for the shipping costs.

How long do I have to ship my books after I place my order?
You should give your books to the carrier within 5 business days after placing your order to receive the price you were offered.

What if I haven’t shipped my books within 5 business days after placing my order?
Since some book-buyers only allow you to sell one book, please cancel your previous order and make a new order. If you ship your books after 5 business days, you may not be able to receive the full amount from your original quote.

Should I buy insurance?
Our prepaid shipping labels for FedEx and UPS come with insurance covering up to $100, meaning that if FedEx or UPS damages or misplaces your package, they will compensate you. If your materials are worth more than $100 you can buy additional insurance.

Our prepaid shipping labels for USPS does not include insurance. Therefore, we recommend you purchase insurance for your books at the postal office.

* BookDeal is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred during shipping.

What if my books are lost during transit?
Please contact the shipping carrier and file a claim.

If I am unable to print the shipping label from my computer, what do I do?
Contact customer service, we can email the shipping label to you.

How do I track my package?
Log into your BookDeal account, then click on the “Your Deals” tab. Tracking information is located under your deal number.

How do I get paid?
You can get paid through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

When will I get paid?
Once the book-buyer has received your book, payment will be issued within 5 business days. The absolute timeline of your payment depends on the distance between you and the book-buyer because of the time it takes for the materials to be delivered.

Processing times may take longer during peak buyback periods (8/15-9/30, 12/15-1/30), and if your book-buyer’s facility is affected by Covid, or a weather event such as blizzards or hurricanes.

Why did I get paid less than my original quote?
Upon arrival, ever package is inspected by our book-buyers. If the condition of the contents is different than what was stated or if not all the materials have been received, the book-buyers will adjust their offer accordingly.

Can I get my books back?
You may request a return to the book-buyer. The shipping cost (back and forth) will be charged at the seller’s expense. After the shipping costs are paid, the book will be shipped back to you within 2 business days. If you have any other book(s) in your deal, the payment will be issued within 3 business days.

Are you unsatisfied with the current buyback offers for your book(s)? Some book-buyers are willing to pay more for specific books, based on their needs, so they keep an eye on WishDeal for attractive offers. You can make your own offer by uploading your book(s) on WishDeal for the price you want. Here’s how:

1. Go to Your Account.
2. Click WishDeal.
3. Click Add a Book.
4. For the book you’d like to sell, fill out the condition, price, and quantity fields.
If you want to sell multiple books, you can click “Upload File” to upload an Excel file.

Sometimes, customers and book-buyers argue with each other about book condition, identity, or quality. However, you don’t need to worry about this, because with BookDeal Guarantee, we promise you’ll get paid. (BookDeal Selling Guidelines must be followed to honor BookDeal Guarantee.) We also provide you the Free Shipping label. With Free Shipping and Guarantee program, you have nothing to lose, but more to gain to sell textbooks.

What is the maximum quantity I can sell?
The maximum number of books you can sell can be seen in the quantity drop-down menu. Furthermore, each vendor has set a maximum number of books they will buy over the course of a month or a year.

Can I have multiple accounts?
One seller may only have one account. If it is found that a seller has been selling books through multiple accounts, all accounts will be suspended.  After the account is suspended, all the items in transit or received become the property of BookDeal without any possibility of return and payment, in concordance with the existing "Terms and Conditions".

Do you buy large quantities of books?
Please contact customer service at support@bookdeal.com

Do you accept international customers?
We are sorry, currently our service is only for the Unites States.

Can I sell a loose-leaf textbook?
Yes, but make sure to check all the guidelines we provide.
1. Check the ISBN carefully. Use the ISBN that has “loose-leaf” in the description. If you accidentally quote a hardcover edition but send a loose-leaf edition, you might not get paid. The correct ISBN should be on the back cover or the copyright page.
2. If the ISBN’s description includes “with supplementary materials” or “with access code”, your book should be in the original packaging and the access code should not be visible. If you have removed the shrink-wrap from the textbook, the access code will be counted as “visible”, even if you have not used the access code.
3. Make sure that all the pages are included and in the correct order.
4. Secure the pages with rubber bands vertically and horizontally around the book and all its pages.

What kind of books do you buy?
We buy any legally obtained book with an ISBN whose value is determined by the quality of the books as it pertains to the Book Acceptance Guidelines.

What are international editions?
International editions are special editions of U.S. textbooks available to students outside of America. These editions offer non-American students the opportunity to receive a comparable level of education to that of American universities, without having to pay the higher American price of the textbook.

How are international editions and U.S. editions different?
International editions are often much cheaper due to the smaller cost of publishing in other countries. The physical textbooks may differ in cover art, cover quality (paperback vs. hardcover), picture quality (monochrome vs. color), ISBN number, and practice problems.

What are counterfeit textbooks?
Counterfeit textbooks are books that are produced illegally and sold on third-party websites as cheaper options. They cannot be resold to buy-back websites.

What are the differences between counterfeit textbooks and original textbooks?
1. The binding of a counterfeit textbook is often poorly made. This can be noticeable if the glue is unevenly distributed, is a different color, or has a different smell. You can also recognize a counterfeit textbook by the spine, which may be too flat or too bent.
2. Counterfeit textbooks tend to use cheaper, plain paper with text bleeding through from one page to the next, while original textbooks use glossy, high quality paper. Counterfeit textbooks can have thicker or thinner pages due to the poor quality of paper.
3. Counterfeit producers tend to use narrower widths of text to save money by using less paper.
4. The low quality of the graphics may be a telltale sign of counterfeit textbooks. For example, the images and/or writing may be blurry and pixelated, the cover art may be lower quality, and the title and author may not be centered on the cover.
5. The letters of a counterfeit textbook may look like it is written in a cheaper font. For example, text may be thicker instead of in a fine print.
6. If the textbooks seem to be very different but the ISBNs match with no labels indicating that it is a teacher’s or international edition, it may be a counterfeit textbook. If you don’t have an original textbook to compare the counterfeit textbook to, these are some additional signs of a counterfeit textbook.
7. The barcode, which is supposed to be clear-cut and black-and-white, may look fuzzy or colored like a photocopy.
8. The blank pages at the beginning and/or end in original textbooks and the copyright page may be absent.
9. The endband may be frayed or have a different color pattern.

How BookDeal Buyers handle potential inauthentic textbooks?
BookDeal has a ZERO tolerance policy for people looking to sell inauthentic copies of textbooks to our Buyers. By selling a textbook on the BookDeal Marketplace you are agreeing that you are sending an authentic copy of the textbook. Every seller will agree to abide by the anti-counterfeit policies that each of our buyers have put into place.

Buyers on the BookDeal marketplace are NOT under any circumstances allowed to purchase textbooks received from people they believe are suspicious of being an inauthentic copy until they are validated through the appropriate methods. If you send a copy of a textbook to a BookDeal buyer, and our Buyer believes it may be an inauthentic copy, then your account will be placed on a temporary hold, and you will be unable to sell textbooks to our Buyers until the book is authenticated. Also, by selling your textbooks to our Buyers you agree to send in a receipt of purchase for any textbook requested by our Buyer’s for anything they believe may be an inauthentic copy.

When your account is placed on hold you will lose all selling and buying privileges on the BookDeal Marketplace. Once your book has been authenticated, they will be reinstated. If you send a second textbook in that a Buyer believes is inauthentic your account may be permanent disabled if you cannot provide a receipt of purchase from a reliable source. Any textbook deemed inauthentic immediately becomes the property of the BookDeal Buyer and will be disposed of accordingly once proven inauthentic by the Buyers anti-counterfeit methods. By not providing receipt of purchase for any book believed to be inauthentic copy you are running the risk of your account being terminated indefinitely.

Each Buyer has their own method of handling counterfeit textbooks. We will list the procedure for each company below for your convenience. These textbooks are generally sent to a publisher and reviewed by them to provide authenticity or in authenticity.