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Welcome to BookDeal!

Do you have used college textbooks lying around your house doing nothing? BookDeal is here to make sure students like you get the most value out of the stuff they no longer need. Reselling books is a great way to help yourself, as well as new students and the environment. It’s amazing how many trees would be saved if everyone resold their carefully used books!

Here you can get instant quotes from multiple vendors and choose the one that offers the highest prices!

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Why Choose BookDeal?

Instant Quotes

Enter ISBN of your textbook and hit Search to get offers from a dozen buyback vendors instantly.

Compare Offers

Compare offers from a dozen vendors on one page. Choose the one that pays the highest price for your textbooks.

Higher Prices

We are partnering with over a dozen book buyers who are ready to pay a premium for your used college textbooks.

Free Shipping

Shipping will come at zero cost to you. Just print the prepaid shipping label and drop your package at the nearest FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

Seller Protection

Upload the photos of your books before sending in case of rare disputes with the vendors over the condition of your books.

Easy Payment

Once your books arrive at a vendor, we will pay you within 3-5 business days either via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.

BookDeal Guarantees Payment!

We understand that it can be frustrating when disputes over the condition of your books arise. With BookDeal Guarantee, we make sure you get the exact amount that you were initially quoted as long as you follow our guidelines. Check out Selling, Packing and Book Condition guidelines for more info.

BookDeal guarantees payment

Most Popular Buybacks

recently sold textbooks: textiles ISBN 9780134128634 We pay $44

Textiles (12th Edition)

ISBN: 9780134128634

We pay $44
recently sold textbooks: cancer ISBN 9781975184742 We pay $124

Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology (12th)

ISBN: 9781975184742

We pay $124
recently sold textbooks: human resource management ISBN 9780357033852 We pay $66

Human Resource Management (16th)

ISBN: 9780357033852

We pay $66
recently sold textbooks: textiles ISBN 9780134128634

Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology (12th)

ISBN: 9781975184742

We pay $124
recently sold textbooks: human resource management ISBN 9780357033852

Human Resource Management (16th)

ISBN: 9780357033852

We pay $66

How It Works

enter ISBN

Enter your ISBN

Enter your book's ISBN and choose the highest offer

pack your textbooks

Pack your Textbooks

Secure your books in a sturdy box with your free shipping label

drop off your package at a nearest ups, usps, or fedex

Drop Off your Package

Send your package to the address provided by BookDeal

get paid for your books

Get Paid for Your Books

Receive your payment within five business days after books are delivered*

Free Shipping!

BookDeal provides free shipping for all buyback deals! This means you don’t have to pay for shipping upfront. All it takes is printing a free shipping label provided by BookDeal and placing it on top of your box. You may drop your box at any UPS, USPS or FedEx office without waiting in line.

United Parcel Service
United States Postal Service

Frequently Asked Questions

BookDeal offers you competitive prices from different buyback vendors, allowing you to sell textbooks at the highest prices. Rather than selling your college books to campus bookstores, use BookDeal to get the best offers. You get attractive offers right away when you enter your ISBN. Then, you choose your preferred options and ship your textbooks for FREE! BookDeal makes it easy to sell college textbooks, and it only takes a few minutes. No stress. No lenghty selling process. Yes free shipping.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number (previously a 10-digit number) that identifies a book. It's a unique identification for published books and helps you to sell textbooks smoothly. You can find the ISBN on your textbook's back cover, above or near the barcode.
You can also use the printed ISBN on the copyright page if there is a sticker on the back cover of your books or if there is no ISBN on the back cover. Only use the ISBN found on the barcode on the back or front cover for loose-leaf books.
You can't sell textbooks without ISBN at the moment.

When the book buyer receives your textbooks, you'll get paid within five business days. However, the exact timeframe of your payment depends on the distance between you and the book buyer. And that's because of the time it takes to deliver the package. Remember that processing times may be longer during peak buyback periods (8/15-9/30, 12/15-1/30) and if weather disasters such as hurricanes, blizzards, etc., affect your book buyer's facility.

Get a sturdy box that will fit your textbooks. You can use packing materials such as newspaper, bubble wrap, paper, etc., to fill all empty spaces inside the box. Include supplementary materials and a packing slip, and use packing tape to seal the box tightly.
Remember to place the shipping label on top, and depending on the shipping label offered, drop your package at your nearest UPS, FedEx, or USPS office. Make sure to ship your textbooks within seven days after making your deal.
We recommend checking our Packing Guidelines for more details.

After packing your books in a box, drop them off at your nearest USPS, FedEx, or UPS location, depending on the shipping label provided. Make sure to ship your books within seven days of completing your transaction.
When you ship your books on schedule, you can rest assured that you'll get paid the quoted amount. However, after seven days, the quotes will expire, and you'll have to make a new transaction.

If there are no current offers for your books, this means that our book-buyers are not buying your books at this time, or your books don't have a resale value. You can try another time for better offers.

We recommend donating or recycling any used books you have with no or little value, that is, after you've tried checking on BookDeal again.

How You Can Get Paid

Upon successful sale of your textbooks through, you can receive payments via various platforms, including PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. Once the buyer verifies the condition of your books, the payment will be processed and sent to your preferred payment method, ensuring a secure and reliable transaction.

payment method: paypal
payment method: venmo
payment method: zelle

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