If you get the chance to gain extra income, you should always go for it. And selling books online is a great way to do that. You can sell used books in Philadelphia, increase your income significantly, and even make it a side business. 

Even though college textbooks have decreased after many years, they still cost over $1,200 every year.

So if you live in Philadelphia, this is excellent news for you. You can sell back your pricey textbooks and make good money out of them. 


However, before you proceed, you need to know how the bookselling industry works, especially if you plan on making it a side business.

Take time to do your research, and you can make a successful business selling books online. 

With that said, here are the best places to sell used textbooks in Philadelphia. 

Top Places To Sell Used Books In Philadelphia 

If you’re part of the people that keep asking, “where can I sell books near me?”, go through the list below. These places have the best deals to make significant returns on your used college books. 

Brattle Book Shop 

If you’re searching for the best places to sell used books in Philadelphia that provide extensive collections, then consider Brattle Book Shop.

It’s one of the biggest and oldest bookstores in the United States, so you can be assured that you’ll get a great deal.

Established in 1825, this bookshop has collections of over 250,000 books, maps, and postcards.

The bookshop has three floors, and the first two comprise various groups of used books. 

However, the last floor holds an extensive collection of antique editions. It’s safe to sell old textbooks at the bookshop because they have experts ready to cater to your needs.

Also, if you want the best place to sell vintage books, first-edition titles, rare books, etc., consider Brattle Book Shop. 

Commonwealth Books 

Sell used books in philadelphia

If you want the best place to sell antique books, Commonwealth Books got you covered. The company has an extensive collection of antique texts, making it one of the best places to sell your books

Commonwealth Books have several low-ceiling rooms which lead to another, creating a labyrinth filled with antique books, including used books, antique prints, and many others.

The bookshop has an extensive collection of books, making it the best place to sell used books in Philadelphia. 

If you’re planning on making bookselling your side business, you should add Commonwealth Books to the places you’ll sell to. 


If you want to sell textbooks Philadelphia, consider BookDeal.com. We can’t list the best places to sell used books without BookDeal. And that’s because they offer the most secure, hassle-free, and transparent way to sell college books online. 

BookDeal has been in the industry for more than 20 years amassing great experience to make bookselling straightforward for you.

Did we tell you they have an extensive collection of buyback vendors they work with? That means you get the highest offers constantly. 

The company has also made the bookselling process straightforward for you.

All you have to do is ship your textbooks, and even with that, BookDeal takes care of the cost. So what more do you want? 

When the company gets your package, you get paid through Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo. And we guarantee that you get paid. That’s a promise.

BookDeal is assuredly one of the best places to sell used books in Philadelphia. 


Aside from buying used textbooks, Decluttr also buys video games, DVDs, CDs, books, phones, and devices.

So if you’re planning on selling more than textbooks, Decluttr is the right place for you. 

You can use two alternatives to know if Decluttr accepts your textbooks. First, type in your book’s ISBN on the website.

Secondly, use Decluttr’s app to scan your textbook’s barcode. From there, the site will give you the book’s prices or let you know if there are no offers available. 

Should you accept the offer, you have up to 28 days to ship your books to the company.

After that, Decluttr gives you prepaid labels, so it’s up to you to find a sturdy box and package your books well to avoid damaging your books. 

If the company accepts everything, you get paid through PayPal or direct deposit.

So if you want the best place to sell used books in Philadelphia, you can check out Decluttr. 



Consider TextbookRush if you want to sell textbooks Phildelphia. With TextbookRush, you can search for used books using the author’s name, ISBN, keywords, or title.

Then, you can know if the company wants to purchase that book and how much they like to pay. 

TextbookRush also accepts video games and movies. So if you plan on selling video games, for example, the site can be an excellent place to make more money.

After getting your quote, you have seven days to send your textbooks using the prepaid label they give you. 

When TextbookRush gets your books and approves them, you get your payment via PayPal, check, or credit. 


Another good place to sell used books in Philadelphia is Cash4Books.

When you search on their site using your textbook’s ISBN, you receive a price quote, and it stays up for 48 hours.

Then, when you agree to the quote, you have five days to ship your textbooks through the post office or FedEx. 

However, keep in mind that the company reviews your book to know if it’s in good condition. They do this before Cash4Books issues your payments.

When everything checks out, you get your payment in 13 days, depending on your location. 


With GoTextbooks, you have two options. First, you ship your textbooks to the company, and the second option has to do with the grace period.

After getting your quote, you print your shipping label and send your books. 

You have seven days to send your textbooks. You also ship your package from UPS instead of the post office.

GoTextbooks review and process your foods within five days. When your books get approved, you get paid by check or PayPal. 

What To Consider Before You Sell Used Books In Philadelphia 

sell books online

One of the vital things to keep note of is your used book’s condition. The worse your book’s condition is, the more it decreases its value, resulting in low prices.

So you need to try as much as possible to keep the book from damages, highlights, excessive notes, etc. 

In short: try as much as possible to decrease damage to the book. Also, before you sell your textbooks, it’s advisable to read the book condition requirements of the bookselling site.

That will help you know if your books will be accepted or not. 

Furthermore, if it’s your first time selling books, you should know the best time to sell textbooks, including other books.

That will help you get a reasonable price and keep your business growing. You should also take your time to do your research to know the best places to sell used books. 

Don’t limit yourself to local bookshops. Instead, use bookselling sites like the ones outlined in this guide to help you. 


As you’ve seen from this post, there are numerous ways to sell used books in Philadelphia. So if you’ve been wondering “where can I sell books near me?”, go through this guide. 

Each of the points discussed in this guide can give you the best deals every time you sell.

But depending on what books you sell, some sites may not work well for you. So you need to try them out and find out what works best for you.

For example, BookDeal specializes in selling textbooks online. So if you want to sell such books for a reasonable price, we recommend using BookDeal.com. 


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