Ownership & Fraudulent Activity Policy

Proof of Ownership Policy

BookDeal reserves the right to ask sellers on our marketplace to require proof of purchase for any order(s) our Buyers may deem to be potentially fraudulent. This includes, and is not limited to, creating multiple orders of the same ISBN(s). This will include new and used copies of textbooks. Selling several different high value new textbooks and selling a very high dollar amount of books in a short period of time.

Once a Buyer deems to flag your deal as being potentially fraudulent, BookDeal reserves the right to withhold payment, or charge back for a delivered payment until the required steps have been taken on your end.

BookDeal will request that the seller provide the following:

a) invoice with the ISBN(s) and quantities details
b) the name or organization of the person selling the textbooks
c) A photo ID of the seller with all personal information blurred out except for name and photo.

Failure to provide the required materials in any instance and noncompliance will result in immediate termination of your account on BookDeal and any future accounts that you decide to open with us.

The final step will be you sending us return shipping labels to have your textbooks returned to you. If you do not provide these return labels within 5 business days, then your textbooks will be destroyed.

Potentially Fraudulent Activity Policy

To protect the Buyers on our marketplace we will be enforcing a policy regarding the prevention of buying fraudulent textbooks. We will have a zero-tolerance approach to noncompliance with this policy.

When a Buyer deems that the book(s) you sell to them are sent under suspicious means, or information provided to the Buyer upon the sale is falsified in any way then your deal may be flagged. This is including (and not limited to):

a) Providing incorrect address/phone number
b) Making multiple deals under different names in order to bypass our marketplace policy
c) Selling multiple copies of the same textbooks equating to thousands of dollars
d) Falsifying any other information, you give to us or our sellers

When your deal has been flagged as suspicious then every deal you have sent us and/or send us until the issue has been resolved will be put on hold and you will NOT be paid.