We are well aware of how incredibly expensive textbooks can be. In a world where college tuition keeps rising, it is not surprising academic books are costly.

So if you can recoup some of the money, it is worth a shot. And the best way to get a fair amount of your money back is to sell used books in San Francisco. 

The sooner you sell textbooks, the better. That is because they become outdated in a short time. So the quicker you sell the used books while they have value, the better your chances of getting the most money

Sell Your Used College Textbooks Now!

Below, we have outlined the best places to sell used books in San Francisco. Go through them and select the ones you prefer. If you have any questions, contact us, we will assist you. 

4 Places To Sell Used Books In San Francisco 

1. Dog Eared Books 

For over 20 years, Dog Eared Books has stood firm against all the challenges and stayed in business as an independent bookstore in San Francisco. The bookshop has a massive collection of used and new books available to customers. 

Many surprises are in store for first-time visitors, and they can find buried treasure both inside the bookshop. Dog Eared Books still buy used books every day. 

If no one purchases the book, they can donate it to the neighborhood. Dog Eared Books has been in the bookselling industry for a long time. So you can get a good deal when you sell high-school textbooks at Dog Eared Books. It is one of the best places to sell books in San Francisco. 

Let’s get into it. 


2. Green Apple Books 

For years, Green Apple Books has been known as the best bookstore in the Bay Area. The company was established in 1967 with over 100,000 used books and 60,000 new books. Green Apple Books has been a strong supporter of locally owned businesses. 

They have other branches where you can sell textbooks. If you live in the Bay Area or close to the southern border of Golden Gate Park, you can sell your books for a fair price. Green Apple Books offers the best place to sell used books in San Francisco. 

3. BookDeal.com 

BookDeal.com is one of the best places to sell books in San Francisco. If you cannot go to the physical bookstore locations, BookDeal is the alternative. There are some challenges you can go through when selling books online. Some of them include unreliable book-buyers, low transparency, and worst, not getting paid. 

The company spent considerable time understanding the bookselling industry, mainly to solve this problem. BookDeal.com has been in the bookselling industry for 20 years. So we can give you the highest offers and a vast number of trusted book-buying companies. 

The best part is that we ensure that you get paid. You do not have to go through the selling process alone. We take care of that. All that is required of you is to ship your textbooks, and we take over. 

4. Moe’s Books 

 Sell Used Books in San Francisco

Another best place to sell books in San Francisco is Moe’s Books. The company is one of the most celebrated bookstores in the Bay Area. Moe’s Books was founded in 1959, so they have years of bookselling experience. 

Moe’s Books has over 200,000 used and new books and has a reputation for paying a fair price for your used books. If you want the bookshop that pays you according to your book’s value, Moe’s Books is the right place.

What To Know Before You Sell Used Books In San Francisco 

Before you sell books in San Francisco, you should make sure that the book is in good condition. That can decrease the value of the book. You should avoid highlighting or marking the passages, spilling food or liquid on them, etc. You should try as much as possible to minimize any damages to the book. 

Another crucial tip is to sell the books right after you complete the semester immediately. The longer you wait, the more the book reduces in value. 


sell used books in san francisco

Selling your textbooks can be daunting and frustrating if you do not know how to play them right. Fortunately, you can use this guide as your first step to sell used books in San Francisco. If you want to be successful in selling your books and getting a fair price, we recommend trying out these bookstores. 

If you are not close to the listed bookstores, you can sell your books online for cash. That is where we come in.  We make it simple to get the highest offers and ensure that the selling process is easy. But most importantly, we make sure that you get paid. 

If you want to get in touch with us, contact us. We will gladly assist you. 


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