Whether you’re a student looking to supplement your income or a bookworm looking to make room on your shelves, we can help. This post will showcase the best places to sell books in San Antonio. 

A wide variety of bookstores in San Antonio ensure that there is something for every book lover. A wide variety of options are available, from well-known chains to hidden treasures. 

We’ve compiled a list of 10 great bookstores that are ideal for booksellers and offer readers an exciting and friendly atmosphere.

So if you want to sell books or textbooks in San Antonio, keep reading! 

Top 8 Places to Sell Books in San Antonio 

If you want the best place to sell textbooks in San Antonio, check the bookstores below: 

1. Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble, long associated with books, has expanded into a one-stop shop for many items thanks to its vast online store. This store carries a wide variety of products, including books, eBooks, toys, games, DVDs, etc., to appeal to customers with a wide range of tastes.

With recommendations and sections for popular series like Harry Potter, Barnes & Noble Kids is an excellent resource for parents and educators. In addition, using Barnes and Noble’s online marketplace to sell textbooks in San Antonio is a simple way to make extra money.

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2. BookDeal: Pays 2x More for Textbooks Than Bookstores

BookDeal provides a simple and convenient alternative for those who would rather sell books online. BookDeal, an industry veteran with more than two decades of experience, streamlines the process of selling used textbooks. 

You can get a free delivery quote and an instant price reduction only by entering the textbook’s ISBN of the textbook you need. Sending your used books to BookDeal is free of charge. 

Payment will be made through Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal once they have received your package.

You can learn more about how to get the most out of BookDeal. 

3. Nine Lives Books

Nine Lives Books is a treasury of intellectual delights in the Oak Hills Shopping Center. This bookstore features a constantly rotating selection of books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and more. 

If your used books are in good condition and correspond to what Nine Lives Books is looking for, they’ll gladly give you store credit. You can find numerous books in this bookshop. So you can choose from any number of categories.

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4. Imagine Books and Records

Imagine Books and Records is more than just a store for people who love books and music. A friendly family runs this bookstore and stocks a wide variety of new and used books in fiction, nonfiction, history, and literature, among others. 

Vintage vinyl albums and art books for upcoming artists only add to the shop’s attraction. Imagine Books and Records has been a staple in San Antonio’s literary community since it opened in 2010. 

The store is known for stocking high-quality used books at reasonable pricing.

5. Half Price Books

Half Price Books is a well-regarded chain of used book and media stores with many sites in and around San Antonio. Every shop has a slightly different collection, so there’s always something new to look at. 

The helpful staff is always ready to answer questions and verify stock levels. Half Price Books sells books and purchases used books and other products that fit its standards. 

This bookshop has been a go-to for book buyers and sellers for decades because the family behind it genuinely cares about their customers.

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6. The BookCellar

The BookCellar is a used bookstore operated by the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library in the library’s basement. They intend to help the library and the neighborhood. 

You can find used, new and rare books available in this bookstore. So if you want the best place to sell books in San Antonio, consider BookCellar. 

7. Nowhere Bookshop 

Jenny Lawson’s Nowhere Bookshop on Broadway is a utopia for book lovers. They have a wide variety of brand-new books for both adults and kids. In addition, their booksellers have compiled reading recommendations. 

They even provide a “blind date with a book” service where you can randomly choose a title and receive a brief synopsis. Also, don’t forget to check the store’s website for upcoming events.

8. Cheever Books 

Since its opening in 1986, Cheever Books has been a refuge for readers. They have been in the book business for over 35 years and focus on selling used books with exciting histories. 

Cheever Books has an educated and helpful staff that is happy to help customers find the needed books. In addition, the staff at Cheever Books is justifiably proud of the store’s wide variety of genres and topics. 

You can find any book you’re searching for at Cheever Books. The variety guarantees that any bookworm’s appetite will be satisfied, from best-selling novels to collectible first editions

Cheever Books guarantees an exciting trip through the written word, whether you’re looking for a familiar classic or eager to discover the uncharted literary territory.

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9. Dead Tree Books

Dead Tree Books is a comfortable bookstore in Colao Plaza run by two best friends who are also avid readers. This hidden gem is a paradise for bookworms searching for their next captivating read, with shelves lined with an extensive assortment of second-hand books.

Dead Tree Books is proud to provide a wide variety of books catering to various tastes and interests. Their shelves overflow with literature ranging from classics to modern bestsellers to fascinating fiction. 

Dead Tree Books is much more than a simple bookstore; it’s a bustling center for literary activities and local gatherings. Consistent events like book readings and signings help authors and readers connect. 

If you’re searching for the best place to sell books in San Antonio, consider Dead Tree Books.

10. The Twig Book Shop 

Located in the heart of the Museum Reach on Riverwalk, The Twig Book Shop has been a community staple for almost 50 years. This bookstore has an extensive selection of books, from literary classics to contemporary bestsellers for children. 

It also hosts frequent author and reader events. The friendly team at The Twig Book Shop can satisfy your demand for literature in any format, whether you like paperback classics, hardcover treasures, or even eBooks.

So it’s one of the best places to sell books in San Antonio. 


If you want the best place to sell books in San Antonio, the bookshops discussed in this guide are your best bet. Each bookshop offers something unique, whether the ease of an online platform or the personal touch of a brick-and-mortar location. 

If you’re searching for a location to buy or sell books and meet other readers, Recycle Book Store and Feldman Books are great options. However, BookDeal is an excellent choice if you don’t have time to visit the physical location. 

BookDeal guarantees a smooth selling process with their no-hassle method and free shipping. So visit BookDeal now and start selling your textbooks for cash. 

Take advantage of these wonderful opportunities and start on a fulfilling path toward selling and discovering great books.

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