Even though e-books and online bookstores have taken over the reading industry, physical books still have a place in readers’ hearts. As a result, the market for used books is booming, especially in the heart of Texas, making it the best place to sell textbooks in Austin. 

Austin is a city known for its thriving literary culture and dedicated readers. So if you’re a bookworm or a student hoping to make extra cash by selling your old textbooks, this post is for you. 

We’ll discuss the top bookstores where you sell books in Austin. Here you can find the satisfaction of 

  • decluttering your home 
  • sharing your favorite books with new readers 
  • making money by selling your books locally.

Let’s dive right in! 

5 Best Places to Sell Books in Austin 

If you want to know the best place to sell textbooks in Austin, check out the bookstores below: 

  1. BookPeople 

Entering BookPeople is like stepping into a magical kingdom of books. The shelves are crammed with volumes covering a wide range of subjects. 

BookPeople has a wide variety of books for all ages and interests, including bestsellers and lesser-known works, children’s books and graphic novels, etc.

BookPeople is more than just a bookstore; it’s the center of the local literary scene. BookPeople is one of the best places to sell books in Austin. 

It’s the best place for people of all reading and writing backgrounds and interests to get together and share the joy of the written word.

  1. Monkeywrench Books

MonkeyWrench Books is well-known for its carefully chosen selection of books, zines, and magazines. In addition, this bookstore offers a haven for those searching for critical and alternative narratives, including sections devoted to environmental protection, radical politics, etc. 

The shelves themselves are a living testimony to the influence of books on people’s worldviews. In addition, MonkeyWrench Books serves as a meeting place for the community by hosting regular seminars, panel discussions, etc. 

Books can be powerful catalysts for change; MonkeyWrench Books is an excellent example. So if you want to sell books in Austin, consider this bookshop. 

  1. Barnes and Noble 

Barnes and Noble is a household name, so it has become the go-to place for people looking for various goods and services. In addition, it has become the go-to place for various products thanks to its extensive online store. 

The online Barnes & Noble store offers customers a wide variety of products. This bookshop has everything from books, eBooks, toys, games, DVDs, Blu-rays, and music to suit everyone’s tastes.

Barnes and Noble Kids is the go-to place for parents and caregivers seeking engaging content for young readers, with age-appropriate recommendations and dedicated areas for renowned novels like Harry Potter.

It’s the perfect place to sell textbooks in Austin. 

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  1. Resistencia Bookstore 

Resistencia Books is more than simply a bookstore; it’s also a grassroots cultural group inspired by the work of Ral Salinas, a fighter for prisoner rights. At Resistencia Books, you’ll find an abundance of poetry and prose from which to choose. 

Resistencia Books is dedicated to more than just books. It seeks to involve and strengthen its local community actively. Events like readings, workshops, and debates are held to encourage interaction and cross-cultural understanding. 

This bookstore represents the values of acceptance and cultural preservation. They provide a venue for individuals to meet, share knowledge, and honor their common history.

  1. Austin Books & Comics 

For anyone interested in comics, manga, and graphic novels, Austin Books & Comics is a paradise. This well-liked store is frequented by die-hard fans and curious newcomers looking to branch out.

You may get lost in the classic adventures of your favorite superheroes in the newest releases from DC and Marvel at Austin Books & Comics. The shop also goes beyond the standard fare by stocking out-of-print and rare books and collectibles that will send you on thrilling reading adventures.

Austin Books & Comics has a team often regarded as the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the industry. Staff members are always willing to give suggestions, answer questions, and improve the customer’s experience. 

It’s the perfect place to sell books in Austin. 

  1. Vintage Books and Wine

Vintage Books and Wine is a fascinating and lively addition to the city’s bookstore scene. This one-of-a-kind business brings together two of life’s greatest joys—reading and wine tasting.

The proprietor, Jean Elizabeth Buckner, envisioned Vintage Books and Wine as warm and welcoming as “Austin’s living room.” The wine bar is meant to be a relaxing retreat for bookworms to enjoy their favorite pastime.

Browse the intriguing titles on the shelves and reward yourself with something from the expertly picked food and drink choices. 

The wine bar’s selection of drinks is designed to enhance reading enjoyment. Each bottle was handpicked to complement the tastes of your literary adventure. And it’s an excellent place to sell books in Austin.

BookDeal: Alternative to Sell Textbooks in Austin Locally

You can sell books in Austin and have a rewarding experience. However, it may not always be a convenient option. Alternatively, BookDeal gives you a stress-free way to sell books online

BookDeal.com, with over two decades of experience in the book-buying sector, has simplified the process of selling college textbooks. It’s the best place to sell your used textbooks online quickly and easily without the hassle of installing any application.

All you have to do is enter the textbook’s ISBN, choose your chosen quote, and take advantage of the free shipping. Yes, there is no charge for sending your used books! Your payment will be sent to you by Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal as soon as the company receives your package.

You can learn more about how to get the most out of BookDeal


Austin has many fantastic bookstores that stock titles in various genres and price points. In addition, there are numerous options to sell books in Austin, including Recycled Books, BookPeople, Half Price Books, etc., and online marketplaces like BookDeal. 

Take advantage of this chance to make room in your home, introduce yourself to new readers, and support independent bookstores in the thriving city of Austin. Because of Austin’s ever-increasing reading culture, the city’s bookstores have a promising future.

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