Do you want to sell books online and turn it into a lucrative side business?

Setting up your website and learning your way around the complexity of online commerce can be difficult and time-consuming.

The best option is to sell books on Etsy. 

With Etsy, you could access a vast market of interested buyers without the time and effort required to create and maintain your website. 

Etsy’s five million merchants and nearly 90 million buyers give you a great chance to make your side hustle a full-fledged business. So you can find your target market if you sell books on Etsy. 

This ultimate guide will show you how to sell books on Etsy, sell textbooks on Etsy and use its strengths to your advantage.

Let’s begin. 

What Is Etsy? 

As a dynamic online marketplace, Etsy connects buyers and sellers of unique handmade, antique, artisan, and even books. It’s an excellent way for authors and other creative types to reach a broad audience.

Etsy isn’t just a place to buy and sell jewelry and clothing. It’s also a marketplace where readers and writers can sell their books. 

Etsy allows you to promote and sell your literary works to an attentive audience. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring author or a collector with a passion for rare books.

So if you want to sell textbooks on Etsy, keep on reading! 

How Does Etsy Work?

Etsy is an alternative to more traditional online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The Etsy website and mobile app eliminate the need for you to have your online shop. This helps you to focus on selling your books and not worry about creating your website. 

Etsy is a marketplace where buyers and sellers interact freely and safely online. A buyer always deals straight with a seller while making a purchase. Etsy takes a small cut of each sale (currently 6.5%) in exchange for offering its platform. 

Etsy’s unique selling proposition emphasizes the promotion of high-quality, one-of-a-kind items that can’t be found in any other online marketplace. 

With such a strong emphasis on originality and handiwork, businesses can flourish by delivering their specialized products to committed customers.

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Process of Selling Books on Etsy


How to Create an Account on Etsy 

If you’re new to Etsy and want to learn how it works, you can sign up for a free account and do just that. Here’s how to create an account on Etsy: 

Visit the Official Etsy website

Click on “Get Started” to create your account

Enter your email address and other relevant details. Then, you automatically create your account using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account. 

You’ll be redirected to the Etsy sell page when you click “Register.”

After creating your account, the next step is to open your Etsy store. 

How to Create Your Store on Etsy 

Follow the below steps to create your Etsy store: 

Click on “Get Started” on the selling page 

Click on “Let’s do this” on the welcome page 

A short survey will appear to help Etsy personalize your experience. You can skip it if you don’t want it. 

After answering the short survey, click on “Start your shop” on the onboarding page to start your shop. 

Complete all the required details to complete the process. 

Sell Books on Etsy: How to Name Your Shop

name your shop

The first step in opening an Etsy shop is to develop a name that accurately describes your product. You can use letters or numbers for your store’s name. 

Choosing a memorable and appropriate name for your products is crucial. In addition, you can improve your site’s discoverability by adding keywords connected to your products, niche, or domain.

After developing an attention-grabbing store name, the next step is to upload your products and describe them in depth. This includes High-resolution photographs, exciting descriptions, pricing, etc. 

You improve your sales on Etsy by capturing the attention of potential customers with attractive book photos.

How to Upload Your Books on Etsy 

sell books on etsy - create a listing

The first step in promoting your books on Etsy is to upload them. But, first things first: make a catalog of everything you intend to sell.

Visuals play a crucial part in attracting customers to online stores. Since customers can’t handle your products before buying, making a strong impression through imagery is crucial. 

Remember that the images you provide for your products should accurately portray their quality. If possible, each product should have at least ten exciting pictures and a video. Also, each photo needs to be eye-catching to interest potential customers.

Once you’ve uploaded photographs of your product, you can add more details by scrolling down. In addition, you can include important information that will assist customers in making educated purchases, such as product specifications, materials used, etc.

Paying attention to the visual appearance and descriptive details can get more customers to buy your books. 

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Sell Books on Etsy: How to Add Relevant Details to Your Product

If you want to sell books on Etsy, providing all relevant information about your products is vital. Consider using the following details to guarantee a thorough and informative listing.

To begin, provide a catchy product title and any relevant product information. You can make your listing more engaging by emphasizing facts like the product’s creation date and the author responsible for making it.

Then, choose a listing type (single item or customized) and identify the type of product you’re selling (physical or digital). Ensure you highlight the product’s best qualities and advantages in a detailed description. 

Buyers will be better able to make educated purchases if you provide them with all the relevant information.

Use SEO to Boost Your Visibility

Increasing your Etsy visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) methods is smart. In addition, the site acts as a marketplace matchmaker by introducing potential buyers and vendors. 

More shoppers will see your books if you include well-chosen keywords in your listing. So make the most of this function to increase the visibility of your listing and attract more customers.

You can increase your chances of success on Etsy by 

including all relevant information in your listings, 

optimizing them with keywords, and 

taking advantage of the site’s search features.

How to Determine Your Book Price

The first important step in making a sale is settling on a price for your books. Here are some tips for finding the right pricing on Etsy: 

First, select a target selling price and then specify the available quantity in stock. Next, include any relevant information about the book. Etsy sellers have the flexibility to set both domestic and international prices. 

Customers in other countries may now see the prices of your products and easily make informed decisions. Transparency in pricing attracts customers worldwide, so list your items clearly and at reasonable rates. 

When deciding what to charge for your books, it’s essential to factor in the manufacturing price, how popular they are, and how much competition you face. 

You can charge fairly for your quality and attract more buyers.

Determine Textbook Prices Instantly Using

If you happen to be selling some used college textbooks, you may easily get a quote for them on Just enter the ISBN of your textbook below and see if there are quotes available.

Sell Your Used College Textbooks Now!

You may also sell those books with free shipping to BookDeal without having to deal with all the hustle.

How to Add Your Shipping Address

Giving your customers detailed shipping information is crucial when putting up your Etsy shop. The first step is to detail where and how your packages will be delivered. Next, give buyers an idea of where their purchases can be shipped and what choices they have for doing so. 

In addition, once an order is placed, you should let the customer know how long it’ll take for the product to be processed and shipped.

Etsy gives you more flexibility in your delivery options. Customers needing their orders quickly can pay more for expedited shipment or choose a flat rate option. Include a tariff number for international shipments since it speeds up customs clearance.

When opening your Etsy shop, you must stock it with at least 10 items. Be sure that your books are perfect in every way before you release them to the public. Use the preview function to see how your final products will seem to buyers.

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Sell Books on Etsy: How to Choose a Payment Option

You’ll be asked to specify the payment you want to accept during setup. Here’s what you need to do. First, Indicate whether you’re an incorporated business or an individual seller. Then, give them your full name, full address, and any other relevant information they may need.

After, specify the bank account into which clients should send their money. Finally, include the account and routing numbers for the money.

How to Set Up a Billing System 

To open an Etsy shop and sell your product, you must first meet certain financial obligations. Here’s what you need to know. A fee is associated with using Etsy’s listing and shop creation features. 

Setting up a business on Etsy takes a financial cost, but creating an account and purchasing books is free. After setting up your Etsy store, you’ll see a comprehensive explanation of all the fees you must pay. 

Understanding the costs of operating an Etsy store is essential to making informed decisions and efficiently handling financial obligations.

Effective Tips to Sell Books on Etsy 

If you want to sell books on Etsy effectively, follow the below tips: 

Take Time to Know the Platform

Familiarizing yourself with Etsy’s features and functions is a crucial but frequently neglected first step in finding success on the site. Etsy has developed to become quite seller-friendly over the years, including several features that can significantly improve the selling experience. 

If you take the time to fill up your profile thoroughly, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. The same holds when describing a product’s features. The search function on Etsy is enhanced with every piece of additional information you supply about your product. 

Even if you’ve included a lengthy product description, you should still fill out the appropriate fields in the product editor.

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Price Your Books Fairly

Finding a happy medium when setting prices for your Etsy items is essential. For example, providing deeply discounted rates on your books is tempting to bring in customers. But you should keep your company’s long-term sustainability in mind. 

To arrive at a reasonable pricing plan, consider the following:

Calculate the Time It Took to Create the Product. 

Think about the time spent planning, making, and tailoring your product. That way, you know your prices reflect the time and expertise you put in.

Add up the cost of all of the raw materials. 

Include the price of supplies, containers, and anything else that may be needed. This process clarifies the actual costs of producing each product.

Time and Resources Invested

Consider the time and resources you’ve invested in learning the appropriate techniques. Then, consider all you’ve done to hone your skills, including classes, workshops, and books.

Check Similar Products on Etsy for Prices

Look at the prices of similar things on Etsy to get a feel for the market. When deciding how much your products are worth, think about their quality, their rare, and how much demand there is for them.

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Consider Ads Promotion

Remember the power of ads when it comes to promoting your books. It’s one effective way to sell books on Etsy. While it may be ideal to put money into advertisements, you should consider how to work them into your business plan as you expand. 

Even though Etsy is becoming increasingly competitive, advertising can help your products stand out by positioning them on search results’ first or second page. As a result, more people will see your ad, increasing your chances of selling to them.

Etsy also allows you to advertise your products through third-party websites, which can further increase your product’s exposure. Etsy actively advertises its products by buying advertising space on third-party websites, increasing the number of people who see your listings.

Use the Power of Marketing to Your Advantage

You can increase your sales if you effectively use the power of marketing to sell books on Etsy. Here are three practical strategies you can implement: 

Use the Power of Social Media to Your Advantage

You can use the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to sell books on Etsy. Use engagement marketing by asking for and responding to comments and creating helpful content like guides. 

Don’t discount Pinterest’s massive potential because it’s a visual platform where people may browse for ideas. Instead, use group boards and other collaborative initiatives to promote your products by posting images and links.

Leverage Promotions 

Use Etsy’s coupon system and free sales to bring in customers. Promote price reductions, free shipping, and other limited-time deals. Using these methods, you can increase sales and pique consumers’ interest in your offerings by attracting new clients.

You can also use this type of promotion to strengthen your relationship with existing customers.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Use reviews to your advantage because they have a big impact on sales. Get your happy customers to write reviews so you can build positive reviews. Customers who place high importance on recommendations will be drawn to your store.

Advantages of Selling Books on Etsy 

There are numerous advantages you get when you sell books on Etsy. Let’s go through them: 

Etsy Has a Massive Reach 

Etsy’s massive user base is a huge plus because it allows shop owners to spread the word about their businesses to a wider audience. In addition, since Etsy is so popular, you can access a large customer base since over 96.3 million people used the site in 2022. 

Customers from worldwide can find and learn more about your products using Etsy’s search bar. The site is a fantastic platform for selling your books to a global audience of potential buyers. 

Powerful Marketing Tools

Etsy’s extensive reach and influence in the online marketplace provide numerous effective marketing options. As a business owner, take advantage of these resources to get the most out of your advertising and reach a wider customer base. 

You can gain new clients and establish yourself as an industry leader by setting up a shop and selling books on Etsy. Also, the community is great for promoting products, making new contacts, and building a solid reputation as a reliable vendor. 

Etsy can be a game-changer for your business’s growth and success if you approach it with the right strategies. 

Potential for Growth

Etsy’s incredible potential for expansion means it’s an excellent place to capitalize on your entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, Etsy gives you a flexible source of income by allowing you to focus on selling books on Etsy. 

The platform helps sellers make a lot of money, which helps them achieve their objectives, be they professional or personal. Etsy is unique because it can grow from part-time work into a full-time career that benefits the seller and the company. 

Sell Books on Etsy: Fees Associated with an Etsy Store 

There are specific fees on Etsy you should know if you want to sell books on Etsy. And that’s because these fees can affect the operating cost and your profit. Let’s go through them: 

Listing Fee

Each listing for goods on Etsy costs the seller some amount of money. For example, each item listed on Etsy costs $0.20 whether or not the item sells. 

You should consider this cost when determining what to list because it increases over time and reduces your profit. The listing cost will be collected from your account after the item has been published.

Shipping Costs

Etsy provides simple tools for determining and collecting shipping costs. You get to set your shipping rates according to what you think is fair for your products. In addition, Etsy’s shipping profiles function is excellent for tailoring delivery options to specific product types. 

This product aims to help you maximize profits by streamlining your shipping processes. When calculating shipping expenses, it’s crucial to know the exact shipping requirements for each of your products and use Etsy’s shipping tools. 

With these resources, you can provide your buyers with shipping costs that are both fair and reasonable.

Payment processing fee

The percentage of the final sale price deducted as a fee for processing payments varies by nation. These amounts reduce the sale price, including handling charges and sales tax.

Transaction Fee

Etsy takes a cut of each sale made on the platform. The price of the item plus shipping is included in this fee, which amounts to 6.5% of the entire order amount. Only successful listings incur a transaction fee, and the total is automatically taken from the sale’s proceeds.

Currency conversion fees

Etsy will charge you a fee to convert your listing currency to your Etsy payment account currency. However, if the currency of your listing is the same as the currency of your Etsy payment account, you’ll not be charged this cost.


If you want to sell books on Etsy, it’s the right decision. That’s because you gain access to a global marketplace. In addition, Etsy’s huge audience lets you get more exposure and connect with buyers worldwide. 

Using robust advertising options, you can take advantage of the platform’s vast reach and established connections with buyers.

In addition, Etsy’s development potential for successful merchants is enormous. It’s a versatile source of money that can supplement your main income or be your primary source of revenue altogether. 

Your Etsy shop will succeed and bring in much money if you continually provide customers with high-quality goods.