Textbook buyback is a win-win situation because it allows current students to sell their college books for cash and help future students to acquire affordable used books for next semester. 

But selling textbooks can be daunting if you don’t know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together this textbook buyback guide. First, we’ll show you how to sell your textbooks on BookDeal, the most straightforward platform to sell textbooks online. 

No need to download an app. And the entire selling process takes only a few minutes. But this guide will show you the ins and outs to make your journey more efficient, easy, and profitable. 

Let’s begin. 


Textbook Buyback: Selling Your Textbooks As A First-Timer 

If you’re sell back college textbooks for the first time on BookDeal, follow the below steps. 

1. Type in your ISBN. Begin by typing the ISBN of your book into the search field to begin your textbook buyback.

2. Choose the best deal based on your textbook’s condition on the offer page. In addition, the offer page shows various offers from several trusted book-buyers based on the book’s parameters. 

However, remember that at BookDeal.com, each book buyer has minimum criteria. If the value of the textbook you’re selling falls short of the minimum deal threshold, you’ll need to add other books to meet the minimum requirement.

3. If you fulfill the minimum deal criteria, click “Add to Seller Cart.” Your item must have a higher worth than the deal’s minimum requirement.

4. Sign in after you’ve added all of the offers to your cart. Remember that you only sign in if you don’t already have an account. If so, click “Sign Up” to get started.

5. In the upper right corner of the page, click the shopping cart button. If your Deal Summary looks good on the Seller Cart, click “Sell Books” to complete the transaction.

6. Choose a method of payment. For a speedier transaction, we prefer PayPal or Venmo. However, Zelle takes longer to process.

7. Fill in the “Ship from Address” completely. Then, after confirming the Buyback Terms & Conditions agreement, complete the “Ship from Address” field and click “Confirm Deal” on the Deal Summary.

8. Print the shipping label, including the packing slip. Securely pack the book and send it to the correct book buyer. If you have several deals, ship each one using its shipping label and packing slip.

9. Upload your textbooks to qualify for BookDeal Guarantee. In addition, BookDeal Guarantee is available when you provide book photographs.

10. Within 5 business days, the books will be shipped. You will be paid within 5 business days of receiving the books!

Here is a quick textbook buyback video tutorial on how to sell textbooks on BookDeal. 


How To Find The ISBN During A Textbook Buyback 

The ISBN is usually located on the back cover, next to the barcode. If a book’s ISBN isn’t listed on the back cover, check for it on the page with the copyright and publisher information.

Only use the ISBN found on the barcode on loose-leaf books‘ back or front cover.


Selling Guidelines For BookDeal’s Textbook Buyback 

For your textbooks to be accepted, you must follow the selling guidelines outlined in this section. That will ensure that your textbook journey is successful, helping you earn more cash! 

Let’s go through them. 


Book Condition Guidelines 


These are brand new books that have never been used before. As a result, the book must be free of writing, inscriptions, and damage. In addition, the cover must be free of stickers and spotless on all sides. 

The original shrink-wrap must be undamaged if the book is loose-leaf. In addition, unopened and unused supplementary materials should be supplied (access codes, DVDs, etc.)

Used – Very Good 

The cover must be free of stickers and clean. Furthermore, the corners are neither harmed nor bent. There is no writing or underlining on the pages. All pages must be included in the binding and fastened to it. More items must be included (DVS, CDs, Online Access, etc.)


All pages and covers are attached to the binding and are in good condition. Notes and highlighting are limited (no more than 5 pages). Every line of text must be readable. A tiny cosmetic flaw exists on the cover. 

There was no water damage. No large stickers. However, a “used” sticker is OK. More items must be included (DVS, CDs, Online Access, etc.)


There must be no signs of water damage on the books. And the cover may show signs of wear and tear, including slightly damaged corners. Notes and highlighting are limited (no more than 10 pages). Acceptable books are free of odors, large stickers, and tape. Supplementary resources, such as DVDs and CDs, are still required for acceptable items.


BookDeal’s Book Acceptance Guidelines 

If you’re selling a loose-leaf edition, double-check that you’re using the correct ISBN, that all of the pages are in the proper sequence, and that there’s an unused and hidden access code if one exists. Remove all stickers and tape from the book, even if they have the ISBN.

Stickers and tape are frequently used to hide the original ISBN or indications indicating the item isn’t for sale. For example, when returning a textbook with a CD or DVD, the original CD or DVD must be sent back with the book.

The CD or DVD must be in good functioning order, and it must be uninstalled and unregistered from all other PCs. If your book buyer has provided you with any additional instructions, remember to read and follow them.


Textbook Buyback: How To Pack Your Textbooks 

1. Get a Sturdy Box 

Select a box that is large enough to hold your books. Instead of standing your books up, lay them flat like pancakes. Choose a box that is not too small because it will cause your books to bend.

Choose a box that’s not too big; empty gaps can cause your books to move around, potentially causing harm. You can use recyclable boxes, but you should avoid using USPS Priority boxes. Additional fees will be charged from your package if you use priority boxes.


2. Use Packing Materials To Ship Your Books 

Fill in any empty places inside the box with packing materials. Bubble wrap, newspaper, and paper can all be used as packing materials. Pack your books tightly: no matter how hard you shake your package, you shouldn’t hear your books shifting within. 

Put your books in a plastic bag to prevent them from damping for added protection.


3. Add The Packing Slip And Other Supplementary Materials 

Ensure you’ve included all of the books listed on the packing sheet. Don’t pack books that aren’t included on the packing slip, and don’t combine different deals. All supplemental resources should be included in your books. 

If you’re selling CDs or DVDs, put them in their case first, then into a textbook to keep them safe while shipping.


4. It’s Critical To Use Packing Tape

Only use packing tape or duct tape to seal your box. Tape vertically and horizontally. Use caution when using masking or scotch tape; these types enhance the chances of your shipment being damaged or ripped. In addition, the contents of poorly taped boxes are likely to be lost.


5. Attach The Shipping Label To The Top.

Completely tape down the shipping label to prevent it from being torn or damaged. One shipping label is only good for one box. To use for many boxes, do not print several copies of the same label. Please get in touch with BookDeal assistance if you require more labels.


6. You Get Insurance From Our UPS And FedEx

Our FedEx and UPS prepaid shipping labels include insurance coverage of up to $100. In addition, you can get supplementary insurance if your supplies are worth more than $100. Our USPS prepaid shipping labels do not include insurance, but you can get it via USPS.


7. Deliver The Package

Depending on the shipping label provided, you drop off your box at the nearest USPS, FedEx, or UPS location. Make sure to ship your books within 7 days of completing your transaction. When you ship your books on schedule, you may be assured that you will be paid the quoted amount. 

After 7 days, the quotes will expire, and you will have to make a new transaction.

Please note: To protect your books from shipping damage, make sure they are correctly packaged. Properly packing your books guarantees that they arrive in the same condition as you sent them. In addition, the book buyer will alter the deal if a book is damaged or misplaced. 

Damaged books will not be purchased, and lost books will not be compensated. BookDeal is not liable for any loss or damage during the shipment process. When you make a contract, you agree to follow the packing instructions.


What is BookDeal Guarantee, And How Does it Work? 

The BookDeal Guarantee assures that you get paid the amount you specified. It includes the amount as well as the timeliness of your payment. If none of these are suitable, you may report the issue, and our team will address it as soon as possible.

We look into whether you are eligible for the initial quote. You’re qualified for a BookDeal Guarantee initial quotation if you follow the bookselling rules and if:

  • You haven’t been paid in five business days since your shipment was delivered.
  • After five business days since you confirmed the modified quote, you have not received your money.
  • You received payment, but it was less than what you quoted, and it came without warning.


How to Make a Request Using The BookDeal Guarantee

  1. Select “Your Orders” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click “Report a Problem” after you’ve made your order.
  3. Click on “Request BookDeal Guarantee” 
  4. In the text box, describe your problem in detail.
  5. Select “Submit.”

Please keep in mind that it may take up to a week to investigate your requests. Following that, we will send you an email with our final decision. So take your time.

We’re constantly improving our services to provide you with the best possible deals while also making them as stress-free as possible. Overall, we hope BookDeal helps you save and earn money.


Textbook Buyback FAQs 


1. What is an ISBN? 

An ISBN is a ten- or thirteen-digit number identifying a specific book, author(s), and edition. The ISBN can be found on the copyright page, or the book’s back cover, just above or near the barcode.

Only use the ISBN found on the barcode on the front or back cover of loose-leaf books. Warning! Use the printed ISBN on the copyright page if the book’s back cover has a sticker on it.


2. What if there are multiple ISBNs?

Make sure to use the ISBN that best describes your book. For example, for a hardcover book, choose the ISBN with [hardcover] in brackets; for a paperback book, choose the ISBN with “pbk.” or “paperback” in brackets.

If your book includes all of the original, extra resources, such as unused access codes, CDs, or DVDs, use the “package” ISBN. Warning! Use the printed ISBN on the copyright page if the book’s back cover has a sticker on it.


3. Is it possible to check up on multiple ISBNs at once?

Yes, under the search bar, click “Bulk Enter ISBN.” You can enter up to 100 ISBNs per line, one per ISBN.


4. Counterfeit Textbooks 

Counterfeit textbooks are copies of legitimate textbooks sold on third-party websites for a lower price. They aren’t eligible for resale on buyback websites.


5. How do you use WishDeal? 

If you’re not satisfied with your textbook buyback offers, some book purchasers are willing to spend a higher price for specific books that meet their needs. So they keep a watch on WishDeal for good deals. 

You can build your offer on WishDeal by uploading your textbooks for the price you like. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Your Account and log in.
  2. Select WishDeal from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Add a Book from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill out the condition, price, and quantity fields for the book you want to sell.
  5. If you want to sell many textbooks, you can upload an Excel file by clicking “Upload File.”