You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for the best place to buy children’s books to ignite your child’s curiosity and passion for reading. Finding cheap children’s books is like finding a secret treasure box when money is tight. 

Every child should always have a wide selection of books to choose from. However, finding affordable books can be as tricky as capturing fireflies in a jar.

Kids love books, and there shouldn’t be any roadblocks, such as tight budgets, get in the way.  In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best sites to find fantastic children’s books that captivate and delight your young readers.

Let’s begin. 

Top Places to Buy Children’s Books 

Below are some of the best places to buy children’s books: 

Library Book Sales

Thanks to the Friends of the Library organization, public library book sales are frequently held. These sales provide books that have been removed from the library’s shelves or gifts from kind readers. 

You can find many books, including kid-friendly options, for incredibly low costs. Visit your local library to ask whether there will be a sale, or simply search online for “book sale” and the name of your library. 

It’s an excellent method to get children’s books without spending too much. 

Secondhand Bookstores 

If your city is fortunate enough to have one or more used bookstores, we strongly advise taking advantage of them. They rank among the best and most reliable places to find previously owned children’s books.

While it’s s true that not every used bookstore is the same, the bulk of them buy and sell used books in addition to accepting donations. 

Since these bookstores are run as companies, they typically choose books that can bring in a profit, even if the profit margin is small. That means second bookstores have already done the labor-intensive work for you. 

They have picked well-maintained books and used children’s books with great care to ensure they are secure reads for you or your child.

Better World Books

Better World Books is your gateway to a massive selection of hardcover and paperback books, both new and used. Their goal is to help people gain access to information via reading, which they do through: 

offering reasonably priced used books, 

supporting literacy initiatives and 

kindly giving out books to anyone in need.

Better World Books has over eight million new and secondhand books and provides many options. You can quickly look for children’s books based on your preferred genre and grade level. 

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The Book Bundler 

The Book Bundler specializes in providing affordable bundles of children’s books, which can contain anywhere between a generous 60 volumes to sets of 10 novels. 

These collections, which include large illustrated editions and non-fiction paperbacks, are logically arranged by age ranges, genres, and book categories. Even more enticing is that books start at just $1 each!

The Book Bundler offers “Beater Books” for customers looking for even better discounts. Even though they aren’t in excellent shape, they are still available for the astonishingly low price of less than $1 each, or around $0.75 to $0.80 per book. 

You can get great prices here if a little wear and tear doesn’t bother you.

Book Outlet

Book Outlet has a sizable and constantly evolving selection of brand-new books at unbelievable reductions, ranging from a stunning 50% to a mind-blowing 90% off the standard retail rates. 

The bookstore includes a wealth of books under $5 in their “Frugal Finds” area for people looking for affordable selections. 

You can easily narrow your search results by age range, genre, and even format to accommodate young children who tend to tear paper books apart.

Shipping is simple and free for orders of $35 or more or a reasonable flat rate of $6.95 for orders less than that amount. The deal is made even sweeter by the additional benefit of receiving a generous $5 off your initial buy of $25 or more if you join their email list. 

For die-hard book lovers, Book Outlet offers incredible savings.

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First Book

For educators and youth program directors who work primarily with low-income families or students with disabilities, First Book is an excellent resource. If you fit into one of these groups, you can register for free and order as many books as you want at a discount.

Also, First Book expands its objective to offer affordable technology, necessary things like winter clothing, and amazing book selections. 

If you’re dedicated to bettering the circumstances of underprivileged pupils, the First Book is a valuable tool.

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You can get deals on brand-new children’s books at, a sister site to Book Outlet. Unlike Book Outlet, which serves all readers, it’s the only website dedicated to children’s books. 

They even have a section where you can get amazing offers on children’s books at under $5. Their collection is nicely arranged, allowing you to sort books by age.

If you join their email list, you’ll receive a pleasant $5 off your first order, enhancing your discounts.

Furthermore, you also get free shipping. It’s free for orders that total $35 or more. Unless your order totals $35 or more, shipping is a fixed $6.95 cost. You’re ready to go once you add a few books to your cart.

Half Price Books

Half Price Books is a steady brick-and-mortar shelter in the age of online supremacy. At significant discounts, it provides price-conscious customers with a treasure trove of new and gently used books. 

Their “Books Under $10” section has a ton of kid-friendly reads that are within budget. Compared to Amazon, where pricing for new condition books can be higher, shopping for used books online often results in better discounts.

Also, Half Price Books offers a “Books Under $2” area. However, the selection of children’s books there may be limited. But it’s still worth looking occasionally for undiscovered treasures.


BookBub is a fantastic free online service that connects book lovers with a vast selection of free and cheap ebooks.

When you join up for BookBub, you’ll get daily emails that include ebooks that are either free or have large discounts. These ebooks are accessible on several platforms, including Google, Apple, and Barnes & Noble

Alternatively, you can browse their website to find books you can download and read for nothing or for a very low cost.

What sets BookBub apart is its ability to bring you up to date on sales of critically regarded ebooks that suit your reading habits.

Dollar Tree

If you enjoy children’s books on a budget, Dollar Tree is a paradise, selling various books for just $1.25 apiece. The minimum purchase quantity is four books, so keep that in mind if you shop on their website.

Physical storefronts and the online platform’s selections can differ significantly. However, finding books with well-known Disney and Sesame Street characters, educational workbooks, and fun activity books is rather typical.

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Discovering the top children’s books can be a thrilling quest. There are many options to meet your child’s reading demands, whether you like the local bookshops, the convenience of online shopping, or the adventures at libraries and book fairs. 

Explore these wonderful locations to encourage your child’s love of reading and storytelling. 

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