Do you have a growing book collection that could use some editing? Maybe you want to clear the shelves because you’re an aspiring minimalist. If so, you can sell books in Costa Mesa and make decent money! 

The community of Costa Mesa is a gold mine for book lovers looking to transform their collections into cash. You can sell books in Costa Mesa, whether novels, textbooks, or specialized nonfiction. 

We’ll look at the best places to sell your books and make some extra cash, from quaint local bookshops that cherish the written word to online platforms like BookDeal. 

In addition, we’ll provide you with insider information to increase your earnings and simplify the process.

Let’s begin. 

Best Places to Sell Books in Costa Mesa

If you want the best place to sell textbooks in Costa Mesa, check the below bookshops and platforms:

Bookdeal is an excellent online platform that has completely changed how people sell textbooks online. The platform makes selling used textbooks easy, quick, and profitable, whether you’re a student or just someone with a bunch sitting around collecting dust.’s straightforward design makes it simple to sell textbooks online. You can quickly turn your old textbooks into cash with a few clicks. They’ve simplified the process so that you can sell your textbooks without leaving your house.

Just enter your book’s ISBN at, choose your preferred quote, complete the selling process, and ship your books for free. When the vendors get your package, you get paid through PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. 

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Orange Coast College

The Orange Coast College Bookstore is a beacon of information and a central location for students looking for textbooks on various subjects. This bookshop is an integral part of the university, providing students with easy access to all the resources they need to succeed in their studies.

The Orange Coast College Bookstore stocks textbooks for various courses and majors. Course resources for all disciplines, from the hard sciences to the humanities and the arts, are readily available. 

The bookshop takes great care in stocking only the most recent editions of each title. That way, students can always access the most recent and reliable information. 

The Orange Coast College Bookstore has a helpful and kind staff, making it a great place to sell textbooks in Costa Mesa.

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Arvida Book Company 

Arvida Book Company is a delightful literary sanctuary in the center of Old Town Tustin in a gorgeous antique brick structure on Main Street. It’s one of the best places to sell books in Arvida Book Company. 

Mike and Sam Robertson have been the driving forces behind Arvida Book Company since its opening in December 2020. Their community of family, friends, and neighbors helped them turn their garage into a haven for literature. 

The services provided by Arvida Book Company are not limited to the selling of books. The bookstore regularly sponsors exciting author events, workshops for aspiring writers, and lively book clubs. 

In addition, the store hosts sustainability-focused courses and clinics, tapping into the rising trend for eco-friendly practices.

Book Carnival 

Book Carnival has been a staple of the literary scene in Orange County since its beginning in 1981. A major change in ownership occurred at this cherished institution after almost three decades of catering to bookworms. 

You can find numerous variety of books to buy at the Book Carnival. The bookstore also holds a lively monthly book club, attracting passionate readers and aspiring authors to the store’s regular author signing events. 

These gatherings help people feel more connected to one another. It also encourages deep conversations on literature and exposes people to new points of view. So consider Book Carnival if you want the best place to sell books in Costa Mesa. 

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Tips on How to Sell Books in Costa Mesa 

If you want to sell textbooks in Costa Mesa and get a good deal, follow the crucial tips below: 

Research the Local Bookstore

Doing your homework before you sell your books at a bookstore is essential. This will improve your chances of making a sale by matching your book collection with its intended audience.

Prepare Your Books

Check that none of your books are damaged, over-highlighted, or marked up. Prepare them for the bookstore’s evaluation and possible purchase by cleaning and arranging them neatly.

Be Realistic with Pricing

Make sure the prices you set for your books are reasonable. You should consider the bookstore’s price policies, the book’s condition guidelines, and the market’s demand. 

If you’re willing to be flexible and negotiate, you’ll have a better chance of achieving a deal that benefits both parties.

Take the Professional Approach

Be kind and professional as you enter the bookstore. Make it seem like you know a lot about your books and are happy to answer any questions the bookstore may have. A positive working relationship with the staff can lead to more sales chances in the future.

It is essential to remember that every bookstore has its own unique set of rules and tastes. Keeping a few things in mind is essential to improve your chances of selling your books to bookstores.

Check Your Book’s Condition Before Selling

It’s essential to verify the book’s edition before selling them. You never know when you could unearth a rare first edition on your bookshelf. These first-edition books, especially works of fiction, can cost a massive price.

Your book’s pricing will depend heavily on its edition. It may be thousands of dollars in additional income or nothing at all. You can sell old textbooks, but the edition significantly impacts how much you can get for them. 

As a result, you should check the edition of your book before selling them. 


You can sell books at Costa Mesa, whether trying to clear some space in your home or supplement your income. You can simplify the selling process and increase your profits by selling on

Before visiting a local bookshop to sell your books, learning as much as possible about the store and its customers is essential. Be confident in the condition of your books and willing to bargain on price. 

Also, look for book buyback programs and local events in the Costa Mesa area. Don’t miss opportunities to meet other readers and writers at upcoming book clubs, signings, and workshops.

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