Seattle is a haven for book lovers thanks to its numerous bookshops. These places allow you to sell books in Seattle, earn money, and provide relaxing environments. 

Bookstores are magical places, full of wonder for anyone who loves reading, from the pleasant aroma of ancient books to the presence of friendly bookstore cats. 

You can find rare books, science fiction, poetry anthologies, and even college textbooks can all be found in Seattle’s many bookshops.

This guide will give you the best places to sell textbooks in Seattle. We’ll also show you the best platform to sell your books online if you don’t have time to visit these bookshops. 

Let’s begin. 

Below, you’ll find the best bookstores to sell books in Seattle. Go through them and find the one closest to you: 

Twice Sold Tales

Capitol Hill’s Twice Sold Tales, opened in 1990 by Jamie Lutton, is more than just a used bookstore. This shop is well-known for stocking various collectible, rare, and hard-to-find books. 

But what makes Twice Sold Tales unique is the presence of four to seven cute cats roaming the store freely. And that creates a delightful and peaceful atmosphere for readers.

Customers return repeatedly not only because of the cats but also because of the extensive library of genre literature, poetry, and plays. You can contact Twice Sold Tales if you want to sell your books.

You can browse the bookstore’s selection to learn more about their book-buying process and how you can become a part of this wonderful bookstore’s atmosphere.

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Horizon Books

Horizon Books, one of Seattle’s oldest independent bookstores, is in the underground annex at 10th and Pike. It’s one of the best places to sell books in Seattle. Don Glover opened this bookstore in 1971.

 It’s a treasure trove of secondhand, rare, and out-of-print books on topics on accounting, business, World War II, etc. Horizon Books is a local bookstore known for its extensive selection and lively author events, such as book signings, discussions, and launches. 

This bookstore has been around for quite some time. So if you’re interested in books or the local writing scene, you should visit them.

Pegasus Bookshop

Pegasus Bookshop has attracted customers with its unique selection of used books for over 40 years. Although Pegasus Bookshop is known for its collection of out-of-print books, it occasionally stocks new releases for customers who want up-to-date reading material. 

Remember that most of Pegasus Bookshop’s stock, including rare titles, is obtained through trades with the local community. So it’s the perfect chance to sell books in Seattle. You can also shop for brand-new books at their web store. 

Use this chance to enrich West Seattle’s literary community and locate rare books by selling your books at Pegasus Bookshop.

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Open Books: A Poem Emporium

Visit Open Books: A Poem Emporium if you love poetry. John W. Marshall and Christine Deavel opened this bookstore in 1995 to provide a wide selection of new, used, rare, and valuable poetry books. 

Open Books is a paradise for poetry lovers, with over 10,000 poetry titles spanning various topics and ideas. This bookstore has an extensive selection, and they also arrange interesting events like poetry readings, book signings, etc. 

Additionally, they provide classes and workshops on poetry writing and publication. So if you want to sell books in Seattle, consider Open Books. 

Left Bank Books Collective

Located in the heart of Pike Place Market, Left Bank Books Collective has been serving the literary community as a true cooperative since 1973. 

This one-of-a-kind bookstore sells new, secondhand, and out-of-print titles in various genres without a single owner or executive board. 

Left Bank Books has a wide variety of titles. But they focus on topics related to social justice, including fiction, nonfiction, health, science, and children’s books. 

Participate in community events such as lectures, fundraisers, and book signings hosted by local authors. 

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Arundel Books

Arundel Books was established 1984 as a publisher of art and poetry books. In response to local demand, they widened their selection to include rare and out-of-print books. As a result, their current secondhand stock includes works from many different genres, spanning from classics to YA. 

With the eventual goal of publishing a collection through their imprint, Arundel Books welcomes local and national authors for signings, conversations, and poetry readings. They also offer short story competitions, all themed around the themes and genres. 

So if you want to sell books in Seattle, contact Arundel Books. 

Lamplight Books

Lamplight Books, a bookstore run by Lidia Icardi and located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, opened its doors in 2003. Lamplight Books is a used bookstore focusing on cultural history, philosophy, art, poetry, and children’s books. 

They also carry a small selection of more “literary” titles. Lamplight Books is happy to buy, and trade gently used books, even if they don’t offer many events owing to their location. 

You should contact them if you want to sell textbooks in Seattle.

BookDeal: The Best Platform to Sell Textbooks in Seattle

BookDeal is the best option to sell textbooks in Seattle. BookDeal is a trusted platform helping people sell textbooks online for over 20 years.

BookDeal’s network of reliable book-buying vendors guarantees competitive prices and lightning-fast transactions. The platform also makes it simple to upload images of your books. This helps to improve your listing and provide potential customers with a clear idea of what they’re getting, 

BookDeal provides a verification system to guarantee books are sent out and arrive in the condition described. Textbooks can be sold confidently when buyers can be assured of safe and reliable payment options.

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If you want to sell books in Seattle, check out this guide. Each bookshop on our list has something unique to offer, from Twice Sold Tales to Horizon Books and Open Books.

Left Bank Books Collective and Lamplight Books are waiting for you in the heart of Pike Place Market with their extensive selections and community-oriented events. And if you want to sell textbooks and get reasonable prices without any problems, BookDeal is the place to go.

Get rid of the clutter on your bookshelves, make friends with other readers, and explore new works of literature in Seattle.

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