Several years ago, it wasn’t easy to find the best places to sell your textbooks. There are numerous websites out there, but it can also be challenging to find the right one. So if you’re asking, “where can I sell my textbooks?” follow this guide. 

However, it’s advisable to sell your textbooks quickly before proceeding, as it tends to lose value faster. Also, you should buy books only to sell them back. That can help you maintain the textbook and increase the profit on the books. 

With that said, let’s get into it. 


Where Can I Sell My Textbooks: Top 10 Places To Sell Textbooks 

1. has been in the bookselling industry for over 20 years. And as a result, they’ve developed a selling process that’s transparent, easy, and hassle-free for you to sell your textbooks. 

The company has a wide selection of buyback vendors that gives you the highest offers. BookDeal gives you everything you need in one place. All you have to do is visit BookDeal’s site, type in your textbook’s ISBN, choose your quote, and ship your book for free. 

You get paid through Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle when the company receives your package. 

2. Amazon 

Amazon is one of the largest sites to sell your textbooks. They also have a massive selection of booksellers willing to buy your college books. You get several alternatives when you decide to sell your books on Amazon. You can sell, buy, and rent textbooks at a discount. 

Also, you can sell back the textbooks you purchase on the website when you complete your course. If you qualify for Amazon Prime, you can get your books faster. You also get a discount version of Amazon Prime when you get Amazon Student. 

Aside from that, you get other advantages when you use Amazon Student. So for students wondering, “where can I sell my textbooks?” they should consider Amazon. The company is one of the top leaders in textbook sales.

3. Barnes And Noble 

where can i sell my textbooks

Barnes and Noble are one of the well-known book retailers in the United States. Now, you won’t get textbooks in their bookstores. However, their site has an extensive collection of college books you can purchase. 

The site also provides textbook rentals if you can’t buy a book. In addition, Barnes and Noble have a buyback program that you can use to sell back your textbooks when the semester ends. From the company’s advertisement, you can save about 90% off your book’s price. 

Barnes and Nobles also provide free shipping on orders above $25, covering almost every textbook. It’s also an excellent place to compare textbook prices before you sell them. 

4. BigWords 

BigWords is a search engine that helps you find the best college textbook prices. However, when you buy books from the site, you get them through different retailers. Regardless, you can still get the best prices, including shipping fees. 

So if you’re asking, “where can I sell my textbooks?” try BigWords. You get the option to rent books and even view rental charges against purchase prices. Then, when you finish your course, you can sell back your textbooks. 

The site isn’t the simplest to use, but it’s still a great platform to compare different prices. 


5. isn’t like eBay or Amazon in terms of its popularity. However, they’ve been in the industry for quite a long time. They’ve managed to gain popularity among college students, and they have millions of book titles.

You get the option to sell your textbooks to collectors and other booksellers. But before you sell your college books, you need to know your potential buying audiences and get well-versed in your book’s ISBN.

6. BooksRun 

BooksRun lets you purchase, sell, and rent textbooks. Aside from that, they’re one of the top leaders in electronic textbooks. So if you want a digital version of your book, consider BooksRun. 

If you proceed with the ebook, you get immediate access to your textbook. But if you choose the traditional book, you get free shipping, which is quite impressive. 

7. The Strand

The Strand has been selling books since 1927 and the business has grown to become one of the best places to sell college books. The Strand gives you what you need for your program, but they have a keen eye for book conditions. That’s why their textbooks always look new. So before you sell your books, make sure it’s in the right condition. It’s best to check their book condition guidelines before you start selling.

8. CheapTextbooks

where can i sell my textbooks

If you’ve been asking, “where can I sell my textbooks?” then consider this bookselling site. It’s a free price comparison website to buy, rent, and sell your textbooks. The site can also help you compare ebooks for purchase or rent across most massive textbook sites. 

You can see the shipping on the site, and they offer coupons that you can use. They are entirely up-to-date and regularly improving their site. That ensures you get the best of service. 

9. Chegg 

Chegg is a reputable website that provides competitive prices and a wide selection of textbook versions and editions. The discounts offered by Chegg are way lower than some reputable sites, and it’s undoubtedly more economical than your campus bookstore.

You can search your books via author, ISBN, and title on Chegg. When you do that, you get an ebook version. So while your textbooks are being shipped to you, you get free access to the e-version of your book, if only it’s available. 

So if you’re wondering, “where can I sell my textbooks?” try Chegg. It also has other incredible resources that can help your courses. 

10. eCampus 

Another best place to sell your used books is eCampus. They have been in the bookselling business for many years, gaining enough experience to serve their customers. In addition, they offer a textbook buyback program and rental services.

eCampus has a massive selection of books, but their free shipping is at $59, higher than other sites. In addition, their rewards program can help you save money in the long run. 

Final Thoughts 

We know and understand how challenging it can be to find the right place to sell your textbooks. That’s why we did our research and listed the best places to sell your used books

You can start by visiting Then type in your textbook’s ISBN, select your desired quote, and ship your books for free. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us through our live chat. 

However, before you sell your books on any platform, make sure you read their book condition guidelines. That can help you know if your textbook will be accepted and the price the site is willing to pay. For all the people asking, “where can I sell my textbooks?” you have now the ten best places to do so. That said, you must keep your college books in good condition. Failure to do so can result in your book being rejected or getting a low price. 


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