It’s always a good idea to sell economic textbooks for several reasons: 

  • First, college expenses keep increasing, including your economic book. Selling economic books helps you get some of the cost back. 
  • It’s a decent way to earn income while in college
  • You can pay off your debt
  • Protect the environment (especially if you don’t need the books anymore.) 

There are numerous reasons why you should sell your used college textbooks. This guide is for you if you fall into any of the above categories. 

We’ll show you the economic books you can sell on BookDeal. 

Let’s begin.

Sell Economic Textbooks: Top 3 Books to Sell on BookDeal

  1. Financial Management: Theory & Practice (MindTap Course List) (16th Edition)
Sell Economic Textbooks: financial management

This textbook gives you the academic grounding and practical resources you need to make sound financial decisions, setting you up for success.

This course will help you see the details and the big picture. It does this by focusing on the importance of company valuation in making sound financial decisions. 

The chapters incorporate concepts, values, and tools, typically within a comprehensive Excel model that can be applied to real-world scenarios. 

Recent events are tied to the function of money in both business and individual lives, and topics range from the very basic to the highly strategic. 

This work is a valuable tool for your academic and professional development because of its: 

  • up-to-date content, 
  • Clear writing style, 
  • Numerous examples, and 
  • focus on Excel applications.

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  1. Principles of Microeconomics (8th Edition)
Sell Economic Textbooks: Principles of Microeconomics

This book, written in a clear and engaging style, focuses solely on the information that will make you a more knowledgeable and effective economic participant. It’ll also help you understand the scope of economic policy’s potential and its limitations.

The most up-to-date applicable examples illustrate fundamental principles of microeconomics. The author made an effort to envision economics through a beginner’s eye. A major focus of the work highlights the economic aspects students find engaging. 

You can purchase MindTap, a very effective digital resource focused on students, independently. Its digital features, such as e-learning and homework solutions, help students better understand and apply the concepts introduced in this edition.

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  1. Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (What’s New in Economics) (12th Edition)
Sell Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets

This textbook examines the contemporary issues in financial policy. Frederic Mishkin, who served as Governor of the Federal Reserve, provides students with an insider’s perspective on:

  • monetary policy, 
  • financial system regulation and supervision, and 
  • the globalization of financial markets

He can provide this knowledge because of his extensive experience in these areas during his time at the Fed.

With its comprehensive, analytical structure, the 12th Edition is adaptable to various course plans. In addition, real-world applications of fundamental economic principles help students retain their focus and remain engaged.

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How to Sell Economic Textbooks Online

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Advantages of Selling on BookDeal

  • Quick selling process
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  • Easy to use interface
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  • Payment guaranteed


If you’re searching for the best place to sell economic textbooks, consider As you can see, the selling process is simple, and it takes a few minutes to sell economic books. 

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