The price of textbooks increases by 12% with each new edition. So It’s understandable why many students sell their old books to recoup part of their costs or perhaps profit. 

However, many people are concerned and want to know if it’s illegal to acquire and sell back college textbooks. That’s the purpose of this guide. We’ll give you all the details you need to know. 

Let’s begin. 

Quick Answer: Is It Illegal To Resell Used Textbooks? 

Because government authorities don’t monitor textbooks, the simple answer is no. Many students take advantage of this option to receive the books they need while waiting for the new ones to arrive or deciding whether or not to discontinue a class.

It’s no different than returning a product because it’s not functioning well, and that’s perfectly legal. If, on the other hand, you want to buy and sell back college textbooks for personal gain, be sure to verify your state’s amended statutes in the trade section.

For example, in Nevada, buying and selling used books is legal.

Why Do Students Sell Back College Textbooks In The First Place? 

Buying and selling back textbooks may appear strange to you if you haven’t done it before. However, many students at college engage in this practice for several reasons. The most common reason is to purchase a textbook for a class they are undecided about dropping. 

It would make sense to return the textbook or receive a refund. Another typical reason students sell used textbooks is to have a book to read while they wait for their book to arrive if they purchased it elsewhere.

Another tangible reason students buy and sell old textbooks is to make money. Some students will acquire textbooks with their remaining financial aid and then sell them to the bookshop for cash. 

So It’s easy to understand how reselling used books appeal to students.

Does Reselling Textbooks Affect Your Financial Aid? 

In most situations, financial aid funds are used to pay for education. And any remaining funds are sent to you as a check from your school. You can use this money for textbooks or other items you need. This, however,  doesn’t affect your financial aid. 

If your scholarship includes books, you may need to report what textbooks you want so that they can be purchased. But these sorts of financial help typically require you to purchase your textbooks from a bookstore, whether new or used. 

But the good thing is that it’ll not affect your financial aid if you sell back the used books. And that’s because most financial aid programs allow you to resell your textbooks when the semester ends. 

Bookstores Are Not The Best Place To Make Profit 

Now that we know it’s not illegal to sell back your textbooks, there’s something you should know. If you decide to sell your old textbooks and make a profit, bookstores won’t help. 

Numerous college bookstores buy back used textbooks, particularly if professors plan to use the same books next semester. So it’s pretty convenient if you don’t have time to sell directly to students. Another advantage is that you get paid immediately. 

However, if you plan to profit from selling used textbooks, bookstores won’t get you there. And that’s because they also need to make money from buying books from you. So that encourages them to pay you as small as possible. 

So the best option is to sell your textbooks online. And the best place to sell textbooks online is The selling process is straightforward. All you have to do is type in your ISBN, choose your preferred quote, and ship your books for free. 

When we get your package, you get paid through Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo. The entire selling process takes minutes, and you don’t even need to install an app. 

Final Thoughts 

Don’t worry about reselling textbooks because you don’t need them anymore. It’s not prohibited and won’t damage your financial aid. On the other hand, financial aid can be pretty delicate, so your aid can be withdrawn for numerous reasons. 

That’s why you need to be cautious if you intend to buy and sell back college textbooks for profit. Although most financial aid doesn’t specifically ban this activity, it’s crucial to verify with your financial aid experts to ensure it will not be canceled.

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