One of the best strategies to save money each semester is to sell used books in bulk. Then, use the money to buy used textbooks you’ll need for the next semester. It’s better than buying brand-new books. 

Textbooks are one of the highest expenses in college, and you only use them for a short period. So why don’t you use the power of e-commerce to sell books in bulk and buy affordable ones to reduce the burden? 

However, every website is different, and they have its pros and cons. And you don’t want to waste your time selling your books at an unprofitable price. 

So this guide gives you the best websites to sell textbooks in bulk that offer reasonable prices. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Top 5 Websites to Sell Used Books in Bulk


The best place to sell college textbooks in bulk is The company began primarily to help students on a budget to sell textbooks online and get a reasonable amount of their money back. 

That way, they can buy other books they need or use the money to cover other expenses. BooKDeal has been doing this for over five years. And throughout this time, they’ve made the selling process easy for anyone to sell used books in bulk. 

Here’s the simple process to sell your books on BookDeal: 

  • Visit and enter your textbook’s ISBN in the search field. To sell books in bulk, click on “Bulk Enter ISBN” to enter numerous ISBNs together. 
sell textbooks: bookdeal home page
  • Select the quote you want. 
sell textbooks in bulk via isbn
  • Below, you’ll find different options like the screenshot below. 
sell textbooks in bulk to different vendors
  • Carefully go through the “Deal Summary” and ship your college books for free. This section only takes a few minutes of your time. 
bookdeal checkout

After the vendor verifies your package, you’ll get your payment through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. 

The best part about BookDeal is that every book you sell comes with a guarantee policy. That means they’ll make sure you get paid. 

Find out more on How to Get the Most Out of BookDeal before selling!

2. Powell’s Books

Another good place to sell college textbooks in bulk is Powell’s Books. 

If you live near one of their physical locations, you can send your textbooks in for evaluation while you wait. 

Of course, you can always sell your books via their website if you don’t live close to their bookstore. 

However, remember that they are only interested in high-quality books unless they are exceedingly collectible.

You can get a quick quote by entering the ISBNs of each book into the website’s appraisal form. If you accept the offer, you can print a shipping label. 

When the team receives and inspects your package, the company compensates you with shop credit or through PayPal.


This platform is a misleading moniker because they also sell other types of used books. 

You can buy used books through, and they also have the option of guaranteed cash back on specific titles.

That means if you buy a book, you can sell it back later for half of what you paid. 

However, this platform requires the textbooks you sell to be in good condition. 

 But the platform is a little more tolerant and has a $10 minimum buy-back requirement.

4. Cash4Books 

The way Cash4Books operates is similar to other platforms we’ve discussed in this guide. You can sell textbooks in bulk by entering the book’s ISBN

After accepting the offer, you print a pre-paid label to send your books in. You can pay with a check or PayPal.

However, they only accept college textbooks, so it’s not ideal for high school students. 

Cash4Books generally accepts textbooks released in 2016 or after, according to the website. So you’ll have to use other platforms like if you have older books.

You can discover what they pay for in-demand books by looking at their list of the 500 most popular titles.

5. Decluttr 

On Decluttr, you can sell used textbooks, books, video games, DVDs,  CDs, and even old smartphones. It’s easy to sell used books in bulk on the platform. 

Just find the products you want to sell by searching the site’s database or using its mobile app. 

You’ll get a price quote when they find your desired items. Confirm the sale if you’re satisfied with the quote and ship the textbooks. 

If you’re unsure about the price, you can always compare it with other textbook buyback sites. 

They’ll provide you with a free shipping label when you sign up. But you’ll have to print labels if you send more boxes. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want the best places to sell used books in bulk, consider the websites outlined in this guide. However, it’s crucial to learn how to compare prices before selling textbooks. That can help you save more money. 

Remember that selling your books is to get as much money back as possible. So the best plan is to sell on a platform that buys what you sell, such as 

This platform is strictly for selling college books, so you’re sure to get a reasonable price always!

So visit now and sell college textbooks in bulk.