What are the pros and cons of ebooks? How paper books are better or worse than them?

As ebooks become more and more common, we’re starting to see more people looking at screens rather than books themselves. So, you might be wondering which way is the best to go. Should you get yourself a Kindle, or are you better off purchasing paper books and sticking to the old traditions? I’ll help you decide! 

The Pros of Ebooks

Let’s explore the advantages of ebooks first, and compare them to paper books!

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Ebooks Are Portable

This one has already been in your mind! No matter where you go, you can carry tens or even hundreds of ebooks as long as you have your device. Whether you’re moving to a new city or traveling to new places, all your ebooks will follow you wherever you go. 

Now compare that to paper books; imagine packing dozens of books, making space in your suitcase, unpacking, carrying – well, I think that’s a clear win for ebooks right there.

Ebooks Can Be Read In The Dark

You can read your ebook in complete darkness, without having to turn on a light. This has at least a couple of advantages: One, you don’t have to get up from your comfortable bed, two you won’t be waking up your spouse or whoever is sleeping in the same room with you!

Ebooks Are Greener

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There are a couple of advantages of Ebooks when it comes to the environment, especially if you’re reading quite a lot of books! 

For making books, trees need to be cut down, the paper needs to be processed (which required energy) before you come up with a finished book.

I know, making Kindle also contributes to a bad environment, inevitably, but ebooks should be greener in the long run, paying for themselves as they replace more and more paper books for you. 

Besides, you could just be using your existing phone, and not necessarily getting a dedicated device for it! 

The other advantage is traveling. You would probably have to drive to a book store to get it or have it shipped to your door, both of which involve driving cars. Well, unless you got one of those electric cars and have a green energy source to power it up!

Ebooks Are Instantaneous

Want to read a new book and ready to purchase one? One click will download the ebook right away and you can start reading the next minute. No need to go somewhere, or wait for the shipment. You can download an ebook right in your pajamas, or while taking a bath!

Ebooks Come in Different Sizes

What I meant by that is you can change fonts to whatever size you want. I, personally, read in small fonts, while my mother prefers the opposite. Ebooks allow you to change fonts and remove the need to get glasses or even a magnifying glass!

Ebooks Are Searchable

pros and cons of ebooks

Let’s say you read books in huge time gaps, because of your work, or study. Now, that will lead you to forget things and ebooks make it easier for you by allowing you to search for certain character names or places to find and refresh your memory.


Ebooks Save Money

Ebooks are cheaper! Why not? There’s no manufacturing, shipping, or retail costs. Digital books can be copied millions of times without spending a dime. And that advantage gets passed down to buyers like you, helping you to save money and spend better! 


Ebooks Can Come With Media

Nowadays, ebooks come with lots of embedded videos or audio files. Chances are you haven’t read one yet because there aren’t many now, but that might change in the near future. 


The Cons of Ebooks

Now you might be thinking to yourself that ebooks have got all the advantages and it feels like there isn’t an edge for paper books, but I’ll change your mind. Paper books still have solid pros and that is why still many people are buying them! After all, an article named pros and cons of ebooks cannot be one-sided!


Ebooks Don’t Have The Same Experience

Having a physical book in your hand is a unique feeling which you don’t get with ebooks. Turning those pages as you read through a book really adds to the experience. Not only that, if you aren’t into reading many books, paper books might be able to encourage you more into reading books.

Besides, if you are thinking of buying a book as a gift, you would probably want to get a paper. It’s a lot better than showing up to the party and giving your friend some gift card which he would probably forget to use. 


Ebooks Need Electricity

If you are constantly running out of battery, traveling to remote places where electricity isn’t easy to find, you should be better off with paper books. After all, paper books don’t need batteries, and you can still dive into your fiction world even if you haven’t had electricity for days! 


Ebooks Require A Device

It might surprise you, but only 85% of Americans own smartphones. Those who haven’t gotten a mobile device for themselves probably wouldn’t want to get one just for the sake of reading ebooks. That’s where paper books shine! 


Ebooks Require You To Stare At A Screen

If you are someone like me, who gets tired of looking at screens, ebooks might be a problem. Constantly staring at smartphone screens has become quite a health risk for adults and the elderly alike.

Regardless of the type of books you read, always remember and follow the 20-second rule for the eyes – looking at 20 feet away every 20 minutes for a total of 20 seconds. 


Ebooks Are Hard To Read in Daylight

paper books advantages

Smartphone screens are getting brighter and brighter, but they aren’t coming anywhere closer to paper books under direct sunlight. You’re still better off reading a paper on the beach!


Ebooks Can’t Be Resold

That’s right, once you purchase an ebook, download it on your device, there isn’t really a way of making money from it after you’re done with the book. However, paper books can be sold for profit, especially if they are college books! Now you can sell your books online using BookDeal.


Final Notes

Now that you know all the pros and cons of ebooks, it’s time to draw a conclusion based on the information you just gathered. Do you read a lot of books, want to become more cost-effective, and don’t like to carry things around you? Ebooks can be for you! 
Or if you are into the feel of books, and tired of looking at phone screens, go for paper books! After all, you can sell them later. But not just anytime, learn what is the best time to sell books and get the best deals on the market!

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