Do you want to boost your GPA without packing your schedule with too many challenging classes? You’ve come to the right place! This guide will give you the easiest college classes to enroll in! 

After searching the academic environment, we have identified 10 easiest college classes that are not only doable but also quite simple, which may surprise you. 

These classes present a fantastic chance to raise your GPA without putting in a lot of overtime. So, if you’re prepared to simplify college life while maintaining academic excellence, keep reading! 

10 Easiest College Classes to Choose Next Semester 

Here are the best courses you can take next semester to boost your GPA: 

Creative Writing 

If you enjoy telling stories or writing a blog where you share your thoughts, the creative writing class will make you happy. The main focus of creative writing is developing your imagination and inventiveness. 

Many students agree that this course is generally easier and provides a nice break from the more challenging classes on your schedule.

Creative writing is one of the easiest college classes to enroll in. 

Psychology 101

An introductory psychology course is an exciting way to learn about human behavior. This is a conceptual-heavy course. 

So, if you understand the ideas underlying certain behaviors, it’s easy to recognize and apply them, which makes the examination process easier. 

This subject is different from others because it directly relates to everyday life. This makes it easier to understand and relate to than abstract topics like physics or mathematics. 

Social psychology, developmental psychology, and abnormal psychology are topics covered in foundational psychology courses. 

It’s one of the easiest science class in college to consider. 

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For students of various backgrounds, humanities classes offer essential insights and are easy. 

These classes provide light on the complex mechanisms of the human mind and demonstrate how our cognitive processes convert ideas into deeds. 

They also give us the means to stimulate our creative and cognitive abilities, which promotes a closer relationship with the environment.

Humanities classes are simple because they encourage students to respond to assignments subjectively without imposing strict right or wrong answers. 

This adaptability improves the learning process by enabling students to interact more freely with the content. 


Biology can be your science haven if you’re not one for solving complex scientific problems but are curious about the living things in your environment. 

Studying living things and their unique environmental adaptations is at the heart of this science. For several reasons, biology is more advantageous than other science courses. 

Although some mathematics is required, it’s significantly less than in other scientific fields, especially those that study inanimate objects such as minerals, electricity, and drugs. 

If you’re searching for the easiest science class in college, biology may be the ideal choice.

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The mathematical field of statistics has many uses in the analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. 

These courses introduce students to various mathematical concepts while laying a strong mathematical foundation. 

The courses are designed to accommodate students with different backgrounds in mathematics. However, the title of “easiest math class in college” depends primarily on a person’s aptitude and preferences.

A popular choice for students looking for the easiest math class in college is Statistics and Facts. 

These courses are a practical and affordable option for many since they frequently close the gap between mathematics and useful real-world applications. 

Business Math

Business mathematics courses focus on applying mathematics in the real world, including management, forecasting, and financing. 

These classes usually cover subjects like applied algebra, interest, and percentages. These are great options for those interested in pursuing jobs in business but want to avoid taking on the rigorous coursework of abstract math classes.

If you want the easiest math class in college, consider business math. 

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More than merely an artistic endeavor, photography training can improve a person’s abilities. The lighting, framing, perspective, and many methods for getting the ideal photo are all covered in these classes. 

You don’t have to be an art student or want to become a professional photographer to benefit from the knowledge that can be acquired. 

Even if the cameras on modern smartphones are rather good, taking a photography class will open your eyes to new possibilities. This can improve your ability to convey stories visually.

Film Studies 

Your passion for movies can reach entirely new heights with film studies. This lets you interact with the material in a new and critical way. 

In this course, you’ll study film theory, analyze films, and gain knowledge of the technical know-how of filmmaking. 

You’ll be involved in vibrant debates, research, and textual inquiry in addition to seeing and making films.

Film studies are an excellent option if you enjoy the analytical aspect of the humanities while also fostering their creative soul. 

Even while it’s one of the easiest college classes, be ready to put in a lot of hours watching movies, taking your footage, and practicing editing. 

Applied Math

Applied math, or real-world Math, gives you hands-on experience with mathematical concepts with practical applications. 

Topics, including probability, logic, and personal finance, are covered in these classes. If you want to fulfill your math requirement without going into complex mathematical disciplines, they are a great option. 

This math pathway offers abilities that are immediately applicable and valuable. This bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. 

If you want the easiest math class in college, enroll in applied math. 

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math classes

Communication Studies 

Even in smaller groups, college communication classes offer a great way to improve your interpersonal and speaking abilities. 

Public speaking and basic oral communication courses provide valuable skills for observing, listening, and expressing ideas. 

These skills will eventually increase your confidence in interactions, whether speaking with small or big groups of people.

If you’re willing to engage in group discussions and collaborations, you can succeed in communication classes. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Easiest College Classes 

If you want to choose the best simple college classes, follow the tips below: 

Consider Your Major

Your major heavily influences your choice of courses. While some requirements are fixed, consider how you’ll fulfill them throughout your four years. It’s crucial to know how many courses are required for your major.

General Education Requirements

General education requirements are found in most colleges, and they may provide some flexibility. Map out these needs to prevent being in a hurry to finish them all at once.

Instructor Reputation

Collect as much information as you can about the teachers. You can get insightful advice from other students who have taken the course or worked with the instructor to help you choose the right class.

Anticipated Career or Graduate School Needs

Some courses are essential for graduate school or job goals. For example, there are conditions particular to healthcare practitioners. Examine these requirements so that your course plan is in line with them.

Your Schedule

Think about your commitments both on and off campus. Consider the workload and whether your schedule can support it in addition to the hours of the classes. 

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The easiest college classes discussed in this guide offer a fantastic chance to improve your academic experience while raising your GPA. 

Even though college can be difficult, these classes offer a much-needed break, letting you learn about various topics without adding to stress. 

Making well-informed decisions, matching your interests, and making the most of these classes to enhance your overall college experience are the keys to success. 

As you proceed through your academic route, think of these classes as helpful tools to help you have a successful and rewarding college experience.

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