If you are selling a loose leaf edition, make sure you are using the correct ISBN, you have all the pages in the correct order and an unused and non-visible access code if there is one. Remove all stickers and tape, even if they contain the ISBN. Stickers and tape are often used to conceal the original ISBN or to conceal markings that indicate the item is not for sale. If a textbook originally came with a CD or DVD, the original CD or DVD must accompany the book when shipped back. The CD or DVD should be in working condition, uninstalled and unregistered from all other computers. Your book-buyer may have additional guidelines, so make sure to read and follow them.

Acceptable Physical Condition:

  • 1. No water damage
  • 2. No tears on cover or pages
  • 3. Workbooks must not have any writing on them
  • 4. Textbooks with practice tests should not be filled out
  • 5. Minimal highlighting/underlining/writing
  • 6. No stickers and tape.
  • 7. No missing or loose pages
  • 8. No fire or smoke damage
  • 9. Minimal wear to binding – pages should be firmly attached to binding – bindings cannot be broken
  • 10. No strong odor
  • 11. No items with exposed access code
  • 12. No missing CDs or dust jacket

Items we do not accept:

  • 1. ISBNs that are different than the one quoted
  • 2. Rebound books
  • 3. Custom editions for specific college or area
  • 4. Used, opened, visible, or scratched access codes
  • 5. Incomplete sets (e.g. volume 1 of 2-volume set)
  • 6. Items without any ISBN – even if you can cross reference and find the ISBN for the book on third party sites like Amazon
  • 7. Any markings on workbooks and study guides
  • 8. Textbooks with practice tests that are filled out
  • 9. Excessive highlighting or markings in more than 10 pages
  • 10. ANY water damage: wrinkled, curled pages; yellowing or stains, mold, color change
  • 11. Ripped, missing, or falling out pages or cover
  • 12. Heavy wear, e.g. damaged or detached binding, torn pages or cover
         a. Cover damage greater than 2” x 2” section
         b. Stuck-together pages
  • 13. Counterfeit books
  • 14. Encyclopedia sets, magazines, music books, comic books, non-book items
  • 15. Pornography or otherwise offensive or explicit materials
  • 16. Repaired or rebound books
  • 17. Dated Materials/Books, Calendars, Daily Planners, Dated Diaries/Journals/Code Guides
  • 18. “Free Copy”, “Annotated Instructors Edition”, "Complimentary Book”, and "Rental Edition"
  • 19. Special edition books are not acceptable.