Become a BookDeal Buyer

1. Easy -To-Use Interface

BookDeal Buyers can use our easy-to-use interface that helps them communicate with sellers easily.

2. Mobile-Friendly

Our interface is mobile-friendly. BookDeal Buyers can easily check-in books using their phone. Furthermore, in the case that the book condition differs from what was originally quoted, Buyers can easily take a picture of the book condition (e.g. water damage, excessive highlighting, heavy wear) using their mobile device and send it to the seller with an updated quote.

3. Unique Feature: Upload Book Photos

Our Upload Book Photos feature makes it easy for sellers to upload photos of the front of their book, back of their book, and the book in the shipping box. BookDeal Buyers can view these photos as soon as the order is confirmed and can use these photos during the book check-in process.

4. Hassle-Free Payment

BookDeal Buyers don’t need to worry about the payment process for each individual order because we handle all payments to sellers via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Check.

5. Free Buyback Platform

As a BookDeal Buyer, anybody can buy books without having to build a buyback website (which often takes $10,000 minimum to create).Please fill out the BookDeal Buyer Application Form and we will contact you soon.