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How to Sell History Books on BookDeal: Best Books to Sell

Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Seagull Sixth Edition) (Vol. 2) (Seagull Sixth Edition)

Sell History Books: Give me liberty

This history book is a remarkable text that provides a comprehensive yet accessible account of American history. The subject of “Who is an American?” has inspired, divided, and sparked heated discussions. 

The author attempts to answer this question head-on in the Sixth Edition. This textbook updates students’ most critical historical thinking skills with an expanded treatment of concerns of inclusion and exclusion. 

It’s reinforced by new primary source features in the book and a new secondary source tutorial online.

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Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Seagull Sixth Edition) (Vol. 1) (Seagull Sixth Edition)

Teachers and students praise this textbook for providing a comprehensive, concise, and cohesive overview of American history.

The authors have worked together to improve the book’s presentation of Native American history, focusing on how that past might help us gain a deeper appreciation for freedom.

New educational tools have been developed to help students get the most out of this classic. For example, you get a guided interactive reading experience that also helps you strengthen your critical thinking skills.

The Seagull Edition provides the same content as the Full Edition. But at a far lower price and in a more convenient trim size with fewer drawings and maps.

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Final Thoughts

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