College life can be challenging. So many students find comfort in their pets during this difficult period. Pets can indeed add a great deal of joy to our lives. So you have to find the best pets for college students. 

Pets can help you transition well into the university setting. So you need to find animals suitable for living in a college dorm.

Small, low-maintenance, and low-cost pets are ideal for student dorm rooms. Birds, reptiles, and fish are the popular choices you go for. This guide will show you the best pets for college students. 

Let’s begin. 

7 Best Pets for College Students 

1. Hamster

Hamsters are great for students who want to bring their pets to school. These small, furry creatures can live in a cage or be kept in your dorm. Hamsters are relatively easy to care for and don’t smell like other animals, like dogs. 

They love an excellent burrow and will happily spend their time digging in one if you give them one. They’re also social animals that do well with people and other hamsters. 

Of course, as long as they have plenty of space to themselves when needed, you won’t have any issues with them. Hamsters are good pets for college students, so definitely check them out! 

2. Cat

Cats are some of the best pets for college students. They’re easy to take care of, quiet, independent, and can be trained to use a litter box or scratching post. Cats are also a good choice if you live in an apartment because they don’t need much space or attention.

The only negative is that cats shed fur. So if you want to live with a cat, you must have someone who can clean up after them regularly. 

If you want the best pet for a college student, consider cats. 

3. Fish

Fish are one of the easy pets for college students. They’re easy to care for, and it doesn’t matter if you’re short on space or have little time. You can keep them in a tank or bowl, but you can also keep them in your dorm room or small apartments. 

Fish are social animals, so if you want to spend quality time with your pet, consider a fish. You can learn new things about each other without having to leave campus. However, some fish may not do well inside the dorms if there’s no filtered water or lots of oxygen. 

If these conditions aren’t met, they could die quickly. So we recommend getting a second location where you can take care of your fish during breaks from school, like home visits or holidays.

4. Rabbit

When choosing good dorm pets, such as rabbits, one crucial thing is the level of responsibility you’re willing to take. If you don’t have much free time, a rabbit may not be your best choice. 

Rabbits require more attention than other pets, but they are also some of the easiest animals to care for. Some people choose rabbits because they can be great companions for children and adults. 

They’re easily trainable and very social. And rabbits are known to form strong bonds with their owners, especially if people raised them from birth rather than being abandoned at shelters. 

As a result of their temperament, rabbits often make great therapy animals too. No wonder they are one of the best dorm room pets! 

5. African Dwarf Frog

African dwarf frogs are the perfect pets for a dorm room. They don’t require a huge tank and you can keep them in a small apartment or dorm. In addition, they don’t need much time to be taken care of. 

These frogs are quiet and only eat once every few days due to their large size (usually around 2 inches). Plus, you’ll never have to clean out any waste.

You should consider getting an African dwarf frog if you have the time and ability to care for one.

6. Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are one of the best pets for college students because of their low maintenance and quietness. You also don’t need many supplies to take care of the hermit crab. 

Just get a tank big enough to give your hermit crabs room to move around and some containers of hermit crab food. 

You’ll have a fantastic time with your pet if you bring some spare shells to try on as it develops. 

7. Birds 

Birds such as quail, finches, and parrots make wonderful roommates and study partners in college. However, birds are not the best choice for a university pet.

That’s because caring for a pet bird requires significant effort, time, and money. You’ll have to take your pet to the vet frequently, which will quickly drain your monthly budget.

Birds are generally engaging and entertaining pets. But your roommate may not share your enthusiasm. Because of this, some dormitories won’t let you bring your bird.

It may be possible to keep your bird in specific housing arrangements. But only with the approval of your roommate. 

So if your roommate becomes irritated by your parrot’s or budgie’s constant whistling or singing, they may request that you take the bird away. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best pets for college students, we recommend a hamster, a cat, or even a fish. These animals are easy to care for and don’t require much space in your dorm or apartment. 

They also make great companions for someone new to pet ownership. However, checking your school’s policies before taking a pet with you to campus is essential. 

Find out what kind of pet would best fit your dorm. Also, remember that some of the animals in this guide have large space requirements. 

So if your apartment or dorm room is small, you may want to look elsewhere.

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