Good writing skills aid in better communication and expressing ourselves effectively. One proven method of growing your writing skills is through reading. Reading exposes us to different writing styles, techniques, and ideas.

Regular reading familiarizes readers with new vocabulary. Research reveals that adept readers are highly likely to develop stellar writing skills from the books they consume.

Reading classics such as J.K Rowlings, Stephen King, or James Patterson exposes minds to new ideas to incorporate into your writing routine. Reading a wide variety of topics helps readers gain new insights and knowledge. Our guide provides an in-depth look at the importance of reading books for an essay writer to grow their writing skills.  

Importance of Reading to Writers

Reading is a prerequisite for each student. Our reading habits start from an early age as we develop the skill of growing up. Reading increases our knowledge, improves communication, and grows our vocabularies.

Students often get tested based on their reading capabilities. Reading more books means knowledge of different subjects, hence better scores. Moreover, reading helps in developing our critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Extensive reading exposes readers to new cultures and grows their imagination and creativity. The more a student reads, the more confident and self-aware they become. Hence, it aids in their overall personal development.

Reading is a lifelong habit that hosts a wide range of benefits that extend the basic classroom setting. Start mastering your craft by reading different books to elevate your writing experience.

Types of Books to Read for Writers

Only some books can grow your writing skills. You need a selected collection of books aimed at upscaling your writing prowess. Here is a collection of top books to start from:

On Writing

Stephen King earned his flowers as one of the greatest authors of our generation. On Writing is a masterpiece that aims to perfect your writing. It covers grammar, sentence structure, conversations, dialogues, and paragraph development.

The Elements of Style

Three distinct features of any writing style include grammar, punctuation, and style. It is a short read that concisely unearths the writing gems students should incorporate into their writing processes. Despite being old, it still carries significant importance that dictates modern-day writing.

On Writing Well

Students often need help finding their personal style. This book is a classic on finding inspiration and creating your style. Writers learn ways to grow their writing style and polish it. Learn about the principles of writing and methods to start and end your essay. It uses user-friendly messages to encourage writers to start writing.

Writing Tools

A good essay involves different techniques to present a cohesive and concrete paper. This book reveals 50 popular tools students can incorporate into their writing style. The author uses theoretical representations backed with practical uses to understand content better. Learn more about research, adverb usage, dialogue, and sentence structures.

Benefits of Reading to Improve Your Writing

A good reading session hosts a bunch of benefits for students to accrue. Here is a look at some common benefits to expect:

Removing Writer’s Block

It’s natural to experience a bout of writer’s block at times. Sometimes, there is little inspiration to start writing. That’s why students often turn to an essay service. Reading is an innovative way to spark your creativity and find inspiration. Reading gives new perspectives to start your writing.

Improving Vocabulary

Reading exposes writers to new vocabulary. Simply finding new words and researching them online builds your vocabulary. Find the proper usage of different words and their meaning. Later on, incorporate it into your writing.

Improving Grammar

Apart from building your vocabulary, reading elevates your grammar. Regular reading familiarizes you with the rules of grammar. Unconsciously, you become acquainted with these rules automatically.

Sentence Structure Improvement

Reading improves how you structure sentences. Reading long pieces exposes you to different structures authors use to convey a message. Moreover, writers learn the importance of simple sentences to improve overall structure.

Expand Knowledge Base

All-rounded writers with extensive knowledge of different subjects are well-versed in making concrete arguments based on facts and evidence such as ones at handmadewriting. Reading and understanding different cultures gives you a deeper understanding of different people.

Tips to Grow Your Writing Skills by Reading

Reading with a purpose goes a long way in growing your writing potential. Here are expert tips to grow your writing skills:

  • Find various books: Research books that work on different writing aspects to grow your writing skills.
  • Make the most from each word: Readers easily get the central message through simple sentences.
  • Keep paragraphs short: Short paragraphs make your content easier to understand when skimming through your paper.
  • Use natural and conversational tone: Each writer has their writing style and tone. A conversational tone makes your content flow easily.
  • Use active voice: Active voice makes your point stand out independently. Passive voice makes your content look wordy.
  • Check for repetition: Proofread and edit your content to check for repetitive cases. Break down long sentences to convey the message easily.
  • Word choice: Look at the author’s diction when expressing ideas, concepts, and arguments within the essay.

Alternative Ways to Improve Your Writing

Only some people have an inbuilt reading habit to work on. Sometimes, the most effective way to improve your writing is to find what works best. Here are alternative methods to achieve this:


The more you write, the better you become cognizant of your mistakes. Hence, you can eliminate these mistakes and improve your writing. Make writing a regular habit to gauge your writing prowess. Experts recommend working with an experienced guide for better results.


Editing is an essential part of the writing process. Most novice writers often need to pay more attention to it. Errors in your essay only take away from the central message. Try using online editing tools to check for common grammatical errors.

Make an Outline

One way of organizing your essay properly is through creating an outline. An outline serves as a roadmap for the entire essay. Organize your thoughts, ideas, and concepts logically in a naturally flowing manner.

Final Takeaway

A good writer is an avid reader. Reading more unconsciously exposes you to new writing styles, ideas, vocabulary, and structure skills. Incorporate all skills learned during the reading time into your writing tasks. Many inherent benefits come from reading. Therefore, start growing your reading habits today.

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